February, 2018 Update from the Prettyman Family

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda
Prettyman Prayer Report

Biblical Independent Baptist in Edobo
My son Isaiah and I took a motorcycle out to Edobo this morning for the service. When we arrived, the men of the church were sitting around having fellowship together over tea and cassava. Praise God they’re learning how to be an Acts-kind-of-church! Fellowshipping and breaking cassava together! It was such a blessing.

I really sensed the Lord moving through the preaching service on living for others, “for me to live is Christ,” following the example of Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus. During the building project, there have been some conflicts that have come up. Of course this is expected with a baby church. We talked about doing not one thing with strife and vainglory. During the invitation time, it was clear that the Lord had touched some hearts. Please continue to pray for solid spiritual growth among these dear people. Each week, there are 30 individuals that are coming. Pray that they will be grounded in truth as they go forth proclaiming their Savior. Here’s a few picks of the church building…


Church Plant in Jiya
We really need your prayers for the work in Jiya. Today, only three came to the service, and I could sense it was a source of discouragement for them. We know there are many who are open to the truth. Philip and I talked on Saturday about how most of the people in the village have been turned away from any kind of religion by the Anglican tactics of charging money for religious services. I sense there is definite spiritual opposition through specific lies being told by the religious leaders concerning the work. Will you pray that God will give us real wisdom to know how to move forward in this battle?

It was so encouraging to hear that Philip’s youngest son, Sidney, has just left for Bible College in Kampala. He’ll be attending at Gospel Light Baptist. Praise the Lord for his burden to train for the ministry.

Our family really wants to thank each of you for praying for us and supporting us. You have been such a blessing. Thank you for making so many sacrifices out of love for our dear Lord’s heart-work. Please pray in particular for Christine’s pregnancy; she appears to have a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. More than anything, it puts her out of the game! May the sweet Lord continue to bless you as you serve Him.

In the Name of the King!


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