October-November, 2017 Update from the Flores Family

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so
very grateful for each of you that uphold us in prayer and also those
that so faithfully support us. It is our prayer that the Lord would
richly bless your lives and in his infinite grace repay your service
of love to His name.

For some time a little ten year old boy named Mauricio has been coming
to church. His mother is a prostitute and he suffers from demonic
oppression. He has caused many headaches for his teachers at church
because of his unruly behavior. A month ago he wanted to speak to me
before the service. He told me he sees things at night and can’t sleep
because he is so afraid. I prayed with him and shared the plan of
salvation with him. He accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. The next
week he told me he no longer sees things at night and can sleep
without any problems.

The end of November we celebrated our seventh anniversary as a church
in conjunction with our annual missions conference. It was a great
blessing to have Pastor Danny Ortiz from Lewisville, TX, with us for
those days. We were encouraged and challenged as a church body to
continue investing in the cause of the Gospel around the world. The
daughter of one of the pastors that attended the conference
surrendered her life to full time Christian service, much to the joy
of her parents.

The day after the conference the country was thrown into political
confusion. The communist party claims they won the presidential
election, but the national party also claims they won. The communist
party blocked all roads, stopping all travel and commerce. As a
result, many parts of the country were without gasoline and food.
Banks and stores closed due to the looting and vandalism. Twenty-five
of the pastors and guests from the conference were unable to return to
their homes. We hosted one family as far away as El Salvador. The good
part is we all had a wonderful time of fellowship in the midst of the
turbulence and there was enough food to go around. A week after the
conference all the missionaries were able to return to their
respective homes in various parts of the country and El Salvador.

Last week my mother in law became ill. Her gall bladder was removed
and she was released from the hospital. Two days later she had to be
taken back to the emergency room. She was diagnosed with congestive
heart failure and apparently also suffered a heart attack. My wife was
able to leave the country to spend some time with her. We covet your
prayers for the family during this time.

Please also pray for the construction of our church building. We would
like to begin next year.

We desire that each you would have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year full of God’s blessings in your lives.


Napoleon & Esther Flores

December, 2017 Uganda Report from the Prettyman Family

“Be not afraid . . . for I am with thee (Acts 18:9-10).”  These were the words of the Lord to Paul when he began to understand, “Every time I open my mouth to preach truth, chaos breaks out!”  We challenged the young believers in Edobo with these words.  They have faced much opposition with every step of obedience.  We are seeking to brace them for the storm they will face as they prepare for baptism next week.  Please pray for them to stand as did Paul.

I’ve included a few pictures of the building project.  We are hoping to have the house up in a very short time — maybe even before Christmas!  Maybe you will pray for that.   The fellowship during the work has been the biggest plus.  I can see that Dennis, Ishmael and their wives are falling in love with the family of God.  It’s like nothing they have every experienced.  As I worked with the men on Wednesday, the sound of their laughter was like medicine.  Take a look at how things are coming along:

After the work day ended on Wednesday, we gathered the people for a Bible lesson.  We’ve been teaching through the life of Moses, and were just coming to the “faith-failure” at Kadesh-Barnea.  We encouraged the people not to make the same mistake.  At the close of the service, the wife of Dennis raised her hand, indicating her desire to be saved.  Sunday and Dickson took her and another youngster aside. Both of them received Christ!  I cannot even pronounce her  name, so I won’t try to spell it.

She was at church this morning, and declared her intent to follow the Lord in baptism.  Ishmael’s wife, Viola, came under conviction of her sin during the morning service along with another young lady.  I have been concerned that she had been so slow to receive Christ.  She gave a very definite response to the invitation; Patrick and Sunday took her and the other young lady aside, and both of them trusted Christ!  Just think, only a few months ago, the wife of each of these brothers was lost and going to hell, and now all three of them have trusted Christ!  We have three young couples, saved and on fire for the Lord.

I believe that these three men are the leaders God has chosen to minister in the church.  We held our first “business meeting” and I expressed the importance of them taking leadership.  I asked them questions about how the church building could be built in such a way that the people will be required to sacrifice for it, but also in a way that we can help financially so that it doesn’t take 6 years to put a roof on it!  I wanted them to be thinking about how sensitive this is and how it affects the way the people think about the church, depending on God, etc. We also encouraged them to take the lead in encouraging those that may be afraid to follow the Lord in baptism.

It was very encouraging to see them stepping right up and taking responsibility with a sober excitement.  All three of them offered to give bricks that they are making for the walls.  I’m beginning to understand the economic position of Ugandan families, and this offering is a significant one.  Will you pray for these three men and their newly saved wives?  I believe the Lord is using the present persecution to dig a good foundation for their faith.  I asked “how big do you think the building should be?”  Ishmael said, “It must be large because many people will be saved and join the church.”  How’s that?!


This really has been a great week to see the Lord moving!  Dickson has been very burdened for his father, Wilson.  We visited him with the purpose of sharing the Gospel.  One of our guards, Nelson, who is a believer, was also there with his unsaved brother Charles.  At the end of presenting the Gospel, I asked them both, “If you died today, where would you go?”  They both said, “Hell.”  I extended the opportunity to repent and receive Christ, and both of them did just that.  Praise the Lord!  Dickson had to excuse himself because he was overcome with joy and began to weep.  What a joy!!!

Let me just share one more great blessing.  When the team went into Omoo for the Friday service, they were interrupted by the funeral of an infant.  Someone came from the funeral and said, “Will you please come and share some word of comfort?”  The team sensed this was God’s open door.  Pastor Ben directed Henry to preach the Gospel and give hope in this situation.  At the end, Henry said, “If you want to be saved, come and talk to us.”  Costo, who is a brother of another one of our guards, Albert, followed the team the long walk back to the vehicle.  He said, “I’ve followed you because I want to be saved.”  Henry led him to Christ, and this morning he followed the Lord on that first step of obedience!  I snapped this shot right after his baptism.

Now let me close with another great blessing.  Jojo and Lindsey Risinger have just landed in Entebbe last night, and are waiting in Kampala for us to pick them up.  Me, Hannah, and Isaiah will leave very early tomorrow morning to get them.  This wonderful couple has been called of God to join our team here in the West Nile Region.  They are at about 60% of their support and hope to come later in 2018 permanently.  I cannot say enough about how much I have grown to love and appreciate this couple.  They are very special.  If your church is looking for more missionaries to partner with, I would highly recommend them!  Please pray for safety in all the transport.

In the Name of the King!

Phil and Christine

Please Pray

  • Ma’di Translation
  • Beginning of Bible College
  • Walaba/Jiya, Edobo, Omoo
  • Philip’s leadership
  • Nicolas
  • Wilson
  • Witch doctor (Lino)
  • New converts