052213 Howell Update

We praise God for His supply through His people here in Whakatane; we have just over $50,000 in investments, far beyond my imagination. This money will be used specifically for a building whether it is this one or another in the future. The asking price on this building is just under $200,000 which is an awesome price for where we are. We can easily handle a mortgage of $50,000 or little more with the faithful tithing of the few members we have right now. This building would easily seat 100 people, it has 1 extra good-sized room, toilets and a kitchen. The building needs some work to become a church. We could meet in the extra room which has been recently added, and over time we would work on the auditorium which had been used for a dance school, karate, etc.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Lewis Howell

052013 Update from the Washer’s

Good Monday Morning to you!

Update on last week’s requests:

We continue to visit on Saturdays and have Bible study on Sunday afternoon each week in Garneton East.  The kids out there are the rowdiest kids I have ever taught. God must have some special kids in the group the Satan would like to hinder. Do pray on!

We paid for the plans for the properties at Garneton East this week; approved by the council. We praise the Lord. There were some changes we were not planning on, but take them as from the Lord.

The deaf ministry pastor came and worked with our small group on Thursday. He said we have a good start (mostly what Kristie and Joy had done), and suggested we work with them daily which at this point we can’t do.

Last Tuesday we were able to order the well liners for the church well. They weigh 1,000 pounds each. There are five. They should be ready in two weeks. They will have to be put into the well the day we get them, or they might be rolled off the property!

On Tuesday we took the grandkids out to eat in celebration of their finishing their school year. It was a huge treat for all of us at a Chinese restaurant. (where they have “edible fungus” listed on the menu=mushrooms; most amusing). Anyway, as we paid, I handed the waitress a tract in Bemba, with a picture of the crucifixion on the front. The Chinese man behind the counter took the tract from the girl looked at the picture, and with a “thumbs up”, and huge smile, he said, “Yesua.” He couldn’t speak English.  I was thankful to find a tract source in Chinese, and ordered some to be brought out by friends next month, Lord willing.

Wednesday on visitation, we were able to lead one young lady named Leya to the Lord. She is a niece of Ba Stella. The attached picture is her mom, with her own baby (# 10) on her back, and Leya’s newborn in her lap.

On Wednesday when I got home, John-John brought me a beautiful pink rose. Usually when he does that, I say, “Who made the flowers? God made the flowers.” Before I could say anything, he said, “Oma, for you. Dod made it.” It was so cute.

Thursday when the deaf pastor came, Mwila, Kaseba and Chama were the deaf that came. Kaseba has lost two babies. The second was when her husband’s two drunk relatives pulled at the citenge that Kaseba had her baby in on her back. Of course she didn’t hear them. The citenge came loose, the baby fell to the ground and died. The two men are in prison. Chama has a about four month old baby. Her husband is in prison for two years for stealing  a chicken!!!! We will look into taking her and the baby to see him. I am sure he hasn’t see it yet. He has been in prison one year.

I reckon that is all for now.  Just got back from Garneton East. I had about 12 kids. Some are SO noisy. But, when I asked questions today over last week’s lesson and previous lessons, they answered very well.

Today I am going to start teaching three kids reading (all from the family that has let us meet in their yard in Garneton East). I will bring them here, with the mom so that she knows where they are coming to. The oldest is in grade 4, a really nice kid, but can’t read. The Light of salvation has not yet dawned in his heart.

Sandy for us both


051613 Aholt Update

Here is the latest word from Steve and Sandy Aholt:


Thank you for praying.  God answered prayer and Steve had a great report from the doctor.  No breaks – just strained ligaments.

This will be a slow healing process, but healing will be all that is needed.  Praise the Lord!


Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt


051413 Aholt Advances Update

Greetings from Cairns, Australia,

Friday morning we were able to see a solar eclipse.  See the attached photo.

Thank you for praying for, and financially supporting our ministry here in Papua New Guinea.  God is still at work in the lives of people.  It has been a whirlwind of events since we returned on January 18th.

Steve washed the airplane and cleaned it up on the inside before we departed.  Please continue to pray that the airplane will sell in God’s perfect timing.

The third and fourth year students at Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) are all out on their 12 week practical assignments.  Baing, who has been teaching the religious instruction (RI) class, has been assigned to Goroka Baptist Church.  He will be able to continue teaching the RI class.  That is an answer to prayer.  Please continue to pray that this RI class teaching opportunity will become an indigenous ministry with GBBC students.

The camp theme “20/20 Vision – Seeing Things Clearly” became a reality for over 80 campers.  There were 358 campers and over 40 counselors.  During the week we saw 40 decisions for salvation and another 40 decisions about various issues in the camper’s lives.  We have heard of other salvation decisions following the campers return to their individual home locations.  We have also heard of others who are following through on the decisions that they made at camp.  Praise the Lord for the ongoing changes that are occurring in the lives of these spirit-filled energized campers.  Please pray for six individuals who came to us for counseling after the first Purity session.

 Thank you for praying about the water tank situation at GBBC.  The men came last week, two weeks later than planned.  However, God indeed answered our prayers above and beyond what we asked.  Thank you Lord for answering prayers and for answering in a way that exceeded our expectations!

Thank you also for praying as Steve spoke on Unity in the Church, from Ephesians chapter 4, at Goroka Baptist Church.  Only time and eternity will show the full results of our ministry.  Many people came to us afterward and expressed their appreciation for the service.  One young girl wrote down the entire outline and shared it with her dad, as he was unable to attend the service due to his weekend ministry at the Markum church plant.  Thank you Lord for people allowing your Holy Spirit to work in their lives.

Thank you for praying for Sandy’s good results from her annual eye tests.  The doctor was very pleased that there has been no significant change since 2009.

Steve goes for his x-ray and MRI tomorrow.  This will be 10:45 p.m. on your Tuesday Eastern Time.  He will go to the doctor on Thursday afternoon for the results. We will let you know what the doctor says.  Steve had an elevated enzyme level in his liver.  He thinks that it may be from taking the two pain medicines for over two months.  He has stopped taking the two pain medicines.  He also thinks that they were affecting his kidneys too.  He is feeling better after stopping the medications.  Thank you for your prayers!


Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt


051213 Update from The Washer’s


Last Monday, (May 6) the verse that spoke to my heart was from Deuternomy 4:9. In my own words it says…. “Be careful how you live; give heed to your soul diligently… don’t let the Word depart from your heart all the days of your life, but make them known to your sons and grandsons (and daughters and granddaughters!)”. A huge challenge to my heart with it being Mother’s Day today. I will never grow too old that the day will come that I can stop being careful how I live.  As the song says, “Lord, make my life an halleluyah.” I thank the Lord for my Mama (who I talked to this a.m.) that she  has lived her life for the Lord. Happy Mother’s Day!

Nathan and Rachel brought me 18  orange roses Friday evening, from our eight children. They are so pretty in our livingroom/kitchen, which is decorated in orange.

Today Pastor Ken and Hilda were blessed with their third child; a boy named Ken. I don’t have any details, but they must be ok or we would have heard differently. Yesteday at a ladies fellowship at the church (Twatasha ladies also came), Rachel and I told her how nice it would be to have a baby on Mother’s Day. She left for the hospital at 2 a.m.

From last week’s requests:

Our work permits are not in yet, so will have to go back again.

We found the cost for well liners (cement cylinders to keep the sides from caving in) in Ndola (they aren’t made here), so are working on getting an order placed.

One special opportunity came last Wednesday. Some weeks ago we had been to visit a lady who comes to church, and had shared the gospel with her and several adult neighbors. Some of the children came to where a friend lives and said,”Why do you just talk to the adults? We want to hear too.” (they had listened then, but wanted their own time.) So, we went back to them. About 20 children came and sat on a verandah. They were as good as they could be; quiet, polite and attentive. We want to go back again next week and teach them again. They knew nothing of creation and how sin came into the world.

Bwalya, who helps us in ministry, was taken to hospital on Friday night with  intense stomach pain. He was released on Saturday, but  word is that he is very weak… doesn’t sound good to me. Anyway, as a result, Caleb Nakina from Kenya went on visitation with us yesterday,  Davy Lupulwe is going with us to  our Bible Study this afternoon. Davy has been coming to church since he was about 12 and now is a young adult with a heart set to serve the Lord. We praise the Lord for what He is doing in his life.

Requests for this week:

Ministry in Garneton East.

Plans to be approved by the Town Council. The architect has not submitted them yet. We aren’t sure what the delay is.

A deaf pastor is coming on Thursday to evaluate our deaf/ and ministry to them as give us suggestions as to how to reach their hearts with their need for understanding Christ’s gift of salvation to them.

Sandy for us both