062413 Washer Update

Greetings from Zambia!

It is June 24. just about time to go to Garneton East. Davy, the young man who recently started working with us (he grew up in the church here) brought his fiancée today to have lunch with us. She is sorta shy, petite, pretty, and not used to being around Americans! She didn’t like our lunch, which turned out to be a disaster because my crock pot got turned off and the food wasn’t very hot. Oh! Well! So much for first impressions.  Her name is Christine. She is a member at the church here, and is in a type of Home Economics course in town.  I believe they plan to be married some time next year.

Davy and Christine went with us to the afternoon Bible Study group. There were four adults besides us, and about 20 kids who were in high spirits. Christine came to help me. Is she my answer to prayer? She did great. At the end she said, “How do you manage by yourself?” Praise the Lord she isn’t scared off, and said she will come again! I think there are times when she can’t come due to school.

We took care of the grandkids on Wednesday and Thursday while Nathan and Rachel went away for their anniversary. The kids did really well. Nathan and Rachel and Smiths  got back Friday afternoon. So thankful there were no accidents while they were gone. Mark did a superb job of taking care of little John John.

Saturday a group from the church went on visitation with us to Garneton East again. I believe there was one profession of faith.

We leave with Nathan and Rachel and family on Tuesday to go to Lusaka. They fly out early on Wednesday. I have an appointment at the American Embassy to get pages added to my passport. We plan to return on Thursday Lord willing. The Smiths fly out early on Thursday  morning, so we will take them to the airport. They are driving down with Phil Hunt on Tuesday also.

So thankful for Emmanuel, Who never leaves nor forsakes,

Sandy for us both

062113 Prayer Request From Lockhart Family

Please pray for this request that was sent to us from our missionaries, the Lockharts…

Dear Friends and Family,

Please pray for Esther as her ulcerative colitis has decided to flare up again.  She has gotten quite weak, and we are trying to get this flare-up under control.  She has been struggling with it for about a month, but just the past few days, she has gotten much worse.  She is scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday.  Please pray that her sickness will go into remission and that her strength will increase in time for our furlough.

Jeremy and Esther Lockhart

061913 Update from Operation Renewed Hope – Oklahoma

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

 Dear Friends,

 ORH is still attempting to help the churches and communities in the Oklahoma City impact area. 

Yesterday, I spoke with Rick Carter of Beth Haven Baptist Church and Ron Lindsey of Suburban Baptist Church.  Both of these men were greatly encouraging as they told me of their continuing efforts in their community to help all the people.

Both expressed the weight of care which has been on them.  They said that they are still providing help to the community through their distribution efforts.  Both said they were still helping people rebuild their lives as best they can.  Pray that God will bless their efforts.

 Ivan Moore of Immanuel Baptist Church asked us to pray for his ministry in the Oklahoma City area.  He is a church plant very close to the devastation area.  He wrote the following.

            “Hi Bro. Milton,   Well things are starting to settle down. The city is working night and day to clean the debris from the destroyed areas. We at the church are working to disburse funds to needy families.  As our church is a start up ministry these storms have impacted us in several ways one of which is financial. We didn’t have the funds to pay our rent in June, but the Lord provided at the last moment, which we were so thankful.

            Another way in which our church has been affected is that many of the areas where we evangelized are just gone. They no longer exist which is very strange and sad. We would really appreciate your prayers concerning our ministry as we try to continue to reach out to the families in Moore. Also any financial help that could be given to Immanuel would be greatly appreciated. We are so thankful for Operation Renewed Hope during these days as it has already proved to be a tremendous help during this disaster. Thank you so much for caring and praying for Immanuel and the people of Moore”

The reality of natural disaster is the complete alteration of the impact communities.  Although there is intense ministry opportunities during the early days of the disaster, there can also be complete loss of families with no return.

Please, ask God to help all these men, their communities, and their ministries to assess, recognize, and engage in the new life that they will face in the coming days.

Pray that the workers will be able to rest and renew their strength which has been depleted by the intense demand of helping thousands.

ORH will not forget these communities and those who face the total alteration of where they live, work, and make their futures.  Please, do the same.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Court
Blue Springs, MO 64015

061813 Update from The Washer’s

Dearest Papa and Mama,

It is windy cold here this week, and here it is Tuesday already.

The week end just flew by. Terry had the privilege of dedicating Pastor Ken and Hilda’s baby who was born on Mother’s Day and dedicated on Father’s day!

We ate with Nathan, Rachel and family because it was Father’s day, had a short rest, then they went with us out to where we have Bible Study in the afternoon. The kids sang. We had a good group (about 25 not counting those who went with us) Davy Luchimbi is helping us at present. He works at the radio station.

Last Saturday about 12 went with us to Garneton East on visitation.  Ba Stella and I talked to a man and his grown son who were passing through from another township. They both made professions. I don’t know of a church in their town and it is too far to come to GE.While on visitation on Wednesday  we talked to the wife of a church member here in Garneton. She was very “hard.” Anyway, she heard the Word.

I am finding that teaching reading to kids who hear English only when with me, and can’t read Bemba or English, a real challenge. I trust the Lord to give wisdom to know how best help them. They only come once a week right now due to their schedule and mine.

We helped the Smiths with their yard sale as they have sold out and are not coming back. It went very well and all was sold in three days except a motor bike.

The missionary family is coming here today for supper to have fellowship with the Smiths. They will go down with us to Lusaka next week, as they fly out the day after Nathan, Rachel and the kids. Lord willing we will drive Nathan and Rachel’s van back up.

Nathan and Rachel are going to Nsobe for their anniversary, so we will be keeping the boys.

Sandy for us both

061213 Operation Renewed Hope – Oklahoma Tornado Update

Wednesday June 12, 2013

Dear Friends,

Please read this update and continue to pray for these churches as they help their communities.  Thank you so much for helping these people.

Pastor Sven Lawson, Moore Baptist Temple, wrote the following,

“I have a family I met which were helping a member in my church clean up from the tornado when we found out that his own house and car was destroyed, he has 3 children and is living with another family with 9 people in a small house trying to save enough money to rent another house.”

Operation Renewed Hope is sending $3000.00 for Pastor Larson to help this family and others.  Pastor Larson expressed that this family will be a great ministry opportunity for his church as they work in their community.

Pastor Ivan Moore wrote the following to us about his needs in Oklahoma City.

“Hi Bro. Milton,   It has been very crazy around here as you can imagine, not only are we dealing with the impact of the tornado on May 20th, but we had several more tornadoes come through the metro area on the 31st, one of which was the largest tornado on record at 2.6 miles wide, with winds of 300 mph. Most of the families in our church had some damage to their property although most wasn’t serious. It would be a great help if you could help us with some church expenses of about $1300.00. Due to all the tornadoes, we had to cancel church several times, mainly because we couldn’t get to our building and lost some income because of that. We are on a very tight budget so anything would help. Also, a local pastor lost everything and we would like to give him $700.00 to help him with whatever he needs. We also have three families that need any help we can give them since they lost everything they owned except what they were wearing. We were hoping to give them about $1,000.00 each. Again, we appreciate so much your ministry and willingness to help during this time. I have been through a lot in my life, but these storms have left tremendous devastation and destruction like I have never seen before. There is feeling of awe and sadness as you see all that has been destroyed. Thank you for your kindness and concern; I pray the Lord will bless you for your ministry to those going through this. We are praying God will draw those who are lost to Him through this terrible situation.   Pastor Moore  Immanuel Baptist Church of Moore Oklahoma”

Operation Renewed Hope is sending $3000.00 to Pastor Moore to help with this need.  Pray God will help Pastor Moore since he works a separate job and is a pastor also.  Pray he will have the stamina to maintain the rate at which he is presently working.

Pastor Lindsey from Suburban Baptist Church wrote the following.

     “All I can say is praise be to God! And thank you and the many, many Christians who came to our aid in time of need. We are keeping our gym open as a donation and distribution center (free food and household goods) until the end of the month of June. July 1st we will attempt to transition back to our normal ministry. We are also using this as an evangelistic outreach to reach those in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ (the free gift of salvation that is available through Christ).

     Thank you again for your love, support and prayers for us during these stressful times. May God bless you richly.  Pastor Ron Lindsey  Suburban Baptist Church“ 

Pastor Lindsey has been a great blessing as he helped many in his area through his distribution center.  Operation Renewed Hope is thankful that he is going back to a more normal ministry.

Please continue to pray for all the efforts of those in the impact area.

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Court
Blue Springs, MO 64015