072113 Update from the Washer’s

Good Evening,
The birds are singing their closing thanksgiving to the Lord. The cold is settling in as this July 21 ends.
 Today was Pastor Ken’s birthday. He gave a good message on having a right focus in life, using the story in Luke 12: 13….

Monday afternoon Vernon, Shad and Reuben (the kids that are used to playing with our grandsons) came to play games. Terry started teaching them chess while I taught reading to the kids from GE, then they played soccer together. I had not seen Moses anywhere for a couple of weeks, but he came Friday to play games and was in church this a.m..

A missionary couple came for lunch on Tuesday. They are a little bit younger than us.We had a really good time with them…. They are from Lexington, NC.After they left, I went to Twatasha to see Gloria (a young pastor’s wife) . I helped her with knitting, then we went to visit some people. I got home just as Mr. Kaoma  from next door arrived for Bible Study. So thankful for many blessings and strength for the day.

That day we also had ordered a dumptruck of stone from the mines. Because the IFMZ atm card wouldn’t work, we could only get 9 tons instead of 15. But, the neat thing we found out when talking to the driver about the Lord, was that he is Kaonde (the language group of my childhood). We are thankful we have a contact now when we need a large truck for hauling.

Bana Dan’s granddaughter who has been sick for some time, died on Monday. The funeral was Wednesday. I went with four ladies to the funeral at the Chingola Rd. Cemetery. There were about 400 there. The question “Where will you spend eternity?” was the message preached, but no answer was given to the question! (not our pastor!)

Ba Richard, Ba Stella and Bana Brenda went visiting with us to Garneton East on Saturday. We were walking by three older teens who were working and they called to us to come and talk to them. After talking for about one hour, all three said they wanted to accept the Lord. One was really struggling. He said, “I want to be saved, but I know I am going to sin.” (he had some plan for later in the day) We told him he had to make his choice.  Ba Richard talked to 2. We went to pick them up for Bible Study this afternoon, but their boss made them go and unload a truck full of sand!

We had about 35 kids today. They were very good, considering the number there!! Some really listened (about Jacob stealing Esau’s birthright).

So thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both

071413 Update from the Washer’s

It is July 14. It has been  cold in the house all day; not below 55, but still cold, though the sun is shining.

Last  Tuesday we went to Kakolo in the Corona! Of course we would never had made it if it wasn’t dry season. We had decided it would be recommendable to have a Field Council meeting with Helen before she leaves! She agreed that we could have some of the IFMZ money to use in building in Garneton East, so we plan to buy supplies this week, Lord willing.  We took lunch (the bbq ribs and chips that N and R gave us and I made an apple pie, and cinnamon rolls to leave with her). We had never been to her house before. She gave us a rooster and a hen to add to our clucks. We saw Pastor Edward, Kuki and Greenwell, all of whom were very warm. We hadn’t seen Greenwell in 9 years.

By the way things seems to be going, Ba Richard and Ba Stella might live in the servant’s quarters when we get them built. We need someone to be there all the time to give out supplies, etc. We visited with them yesterday in Garneton East. All we met were either Catholic or Jehovah’s Witness. The only ones who we find going door to door besides us are Jehovah’s Witness…… one was going through her “speel” with pages marked to be read. I just said to her, “But what have YOU done with Jesus Christ?” I gave my testimony, and we ended without her proceeding. She had a young teen she was training. It puts us to shame, we who KNOW and POSSESS the Truth.

Ba Grace’s (Ba Dominics former sis-in-law) husband died recently. She comes to church but has never accepted the Lord. The last time we talked to him about the Lord about four months ago, he did not give any indication of knowing Christ. We went to visit her this week, and had a Bible lesson with some of the children who live nearby. They were very good.

We had about 35 kids and four adults in our Sunday afternoon group today. There have been no professions of faith among the children as of yet.

Kristie (our daughter) is to have a c-section on Tuesday, Lord willing. I know they would appreciate prayer.

Sandy for us both

07/12/13 Update from the Washers

Good Monday Evening,
The week end and today have been rather busy!
Last week on Monday and Tuesday we had an adult retreat that went quite well for a first effort. They want to have it again next year, inviting all the sister churches, not just the three near here. Three came from our small group for the first day, and one on the second. We both did work shops.
We have had a bunch of trouble from the Hilux we are buying from the Kaufmanns. A man is to come tomorrow to try to look as some part… not sure what. Nathan and Rachel’s van has some problem with battery terminal. So , we need to get that fixed and get the insurance paid and the road fitness test done.
The Corona sounds like a bag of rattling bones when you drive it, especially to East of Garneton because of the uneven potholes (which thankfully are dry at this time of year).
Friday we had a nice lunch at the Chinese Restaurant, and bought our monthly groceries. It was a quiet anniversary day.
Terry got me something unusual for our anniversary: four guinea fowl. We had just gotten four chickens (village chickens, not from town) and so the eight of them are trying to learn to get along. We had to pluck the long wing feathers of all of them so that they don’t get out and get caught by the dogs.
Saturday Ba Stella and I went visiting and had some good contacts, though no professions of faith.
Sunday the message on confronting and forgiving from Mat. 18:15…. was so good AND apropos for the circumstances we have faced in recent weeks.
Vernon, Shadrik and Reuben(our grandsons’ friends who were here often to play with them went with us to GE on Sunday afternoon and were a big help with the kids out there. We had about 27, not counting those who went with us. Today the same three came and played “Poison” with Terry, and then soccer with the kids I teach reading to from Garneton East. They want to learn chess, so I believe Terry is going to try to work that out.They just need somewhere to go to keep them busy. They seem to be nice boys. We trust we can make a difference in their lives until the grandsons return.
I went this afternoon to visit Pastor Royce’s wife, Gloria. I was to have gone to see a lady from Congo that I knew years ago, but they moved to Lusaka on Saturday. So, Gloria and I had a good visit. I am helping her with knitting and then Lord willing will help her visit. We had a good chat regarding a ministry problem she had yesterday. She is a sweet girl, lonely and I trust I can be a “Mayo” to her.
Will stop for now.
Sandy for us both