082613 Update from the Washer Family

Greetings from a much warmer Zambia, as hot season has truly begun!

We both celebrated our birthdays this week. We went to Ndola (one hour away) hoping to go to the Hong Kong restaurant for our birthday lunch and check on our work permits. The Hong Kong restaurant no longer exists. We ended up eating at a “class D” pizza place before going to immigration. This time they told me to look in their book, but our names weren’t there.

What “made my day” was on our way home we stopped to buy some orange and mango trees.While talking to the guy selling them about the Lord, another customer drove up and was listening. I asked if he wanted a tract. He took it, and when questioning him about his eternal destiny, he said he knew that Jesus was the Way, but was not saved. I briefly gave my testimony, how God spared my life at birth because He had a work for me to do. The man said, “Part of that work was to talk to me today.” I was touched and blessed with the privilege of fulfilling another day

in God’s plan for my life. Someone else had talked to him…. I was just another testimony for God to use, but it blessed me greatly.

When we had a Bible lesson with kids on Wednesday, I was so blessed to hear the kids say Romans 3:23. Ba Marjorie had taken time to teach them. We visited a couple of sick people also.

Thursday I went to do reading with the lady I met on visitation. She knows absolutely nothing, and will learn along with her six year old. I had Bible study with Ba Josephine and two others who came to listen before coming home and then to prayer meeting.

Friday a.m. we went to Mr. Mutwale’s to have some lab work done for Dad. His hemoglobin is 12.6; I believe that is the lowest since his stroke. He has a kidney infection with a good bit of pain, so is on antibiotics.

Friday afternoon Bana Dan and I met to talk about our session with the young ladies for Saturday. We also are to be the two who speak at the ladies’ seminar at Chipata on September 14. We both would appreciate prayer for that. We will speak in Bemba. I am assigned the first half of Col. 3 and Bana Dan the last half. I enjoy working with her.

Saturday a.m. I went to help Davy Licimbi move. While helping him take his stuff in, I threw my knitting bag in the car the keys in it, and locked the door 8-(. It took several guys about 30 min. to open the door. Thankfully I had a little money on me to pay them, which was their motivation to help! We got home, had lunch, then left to clean the church and speak to the girls. Fourteen came.  Bana Dan thought it was very well received. I pray so.  I took banana bread and lemon juice; products from our garden and of course, they liked that. Praise the Lord.

The Hilux still is not “in shape,” but some progress was made this week.

Thank-you for your prayers on our behalf.

Thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both

081113 Update from the Washers

The huge, deep-orange sun has just slid down beyond the horizon as this Sunday comes to a close. The cold season seems to be over. August’s dusty dry winds are prevalent, knocking half-marble sized mangoes off their branches; definitely lessening the harvest yield!

I have decided (after thinking/praying) that the kids that I have been teaching reading/English to from Garneton East need to be taught in Bemba. It is almost hopeless to teach them one hour a week and make any progress, though I had thought there was some last week. So, hopefully I can re-enforce what they are taught at school.

We were able to make some progress with the repairs on the Hilux, though by the time you get one thing done at one place in town and then go to another, they are closed for an hour and a half lunch break, so you have to leave and come another day…..which  makes for slow progress.

This week Mrs. Patel asked me to take her out to Garneton East to see where our water comes from. She came with her dad. She found it all very interesting. She also accepted a Hindi tract, which I was so thankful for. Have been praying about her heart response.

We have been having Bible Club at Ba Marjorie’s in the compound about twice a month. The kids there are so quiet compared to Garneton East. This past week we had 27 kids. Today in Garneton East there were about 30. It was one of the noisy days with the kids. Ba Josephine says that area (she lives there) is wicked, and we just have to keep praying that God will work and overcome. We are encouraged with her growth spiritually.

Praise the Lord for:

Some progress in getting the foundation started in Garenton East.

A good building team that seems to be working well together. We had to lay off Ba Abel due to health problems, though we paid him in full as he probably can’t work again anywhere.

Good evangelism contacts.

Some of the work done on the Hilux.


Prayer for this week:

The continued building being done.

We need to go to Mufulira tomorrow to try to get Rachel’s driver’s license work done.

Completion of work on the Hilux so that we can use it again.

Salvation of kids in Garneton East.

Thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both

080813 Update from the Howell’s

You should have received or will be shortly receiving our 2nd quarter prayer letter by mail which will include a few of our new prayer cards.

We just came out of our VBS, WHAT A BLESSING. We had 35 average each day and 6 responded to the Gospel message. I emailed a link to photos a few days ago and now I am working on videos. I am new to video editing so this is taking a little longer, thankful for some awesome editing software though. Here is a link to my first video,  a 2-3 minute video overview of our VBS highlighting the primary purpose which was the presentation of the Gospel. Soon I will have videos different segments of the VBS. http://vimeo.com/71940320

Some churches have requested video updates since we have been on the field, but we have not had the capability until this past month. If you need these VBS videos in a specific format for your church presentations then let me know and I can make it available in any format with the software that I have.

God is good…all the time,

Lewis Howell