092813 Update from the Flores’ Family

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

Once again we greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a joy to be able to write and share a small glimpse of what God
is doing here. Please know that we are very grateful for your prayer
support and also the financial support many of you have given. Without
you, the work here would not be possible.

Independence Day is observed in Honduras the 15th of September. We are
grateful for the liberty we have here to preach the Gospel, meet as a
body of Believers and own a Bible. However in spite of the liberties
we enjoy, many Christians still live bound by the chains of sin. It is
our desire and prayer that we may be able to help these new Believers
stand fast in the liberty they have in Christ.

Honduras appears a lot in the news today because of the high crime
rate, violence and drug trafficking. Yesterday the FBI along with
local authorities confiscated properties and goods belonging to one of
the most wanted groups of drug traffickers ($72.6 million dollars). We
felt personally touched by this news because we have been to their
ranch; we see their big mansions and the businesses they have started.
The work of this group grabbed my attention. What I find so impacting
is the vision they have, the unity they demonstrate working together,
and their capacity to do great things. What is so tragic though is
that it is all for the wrong purpose and brings destruction and death
to millions of individuals. On the contrary we who are Christians
offer the gift of eternal life made possible through our Lord and
Savior. Sadly however, we who have a living God that is all powerful,
have such a small vision of what God can really do. May we be
empowered to change the course of this generation through the power of
God’s Spirit and teach men and women, boys and girls and young people
that there is a different way they can live.

The Lord has put in my heart the need to start a Bible Institute here
in Tela this coming year. We are currently seeking God’s direction and
preparing teaching material. We see the need to start training young
people as early as ten or eleven years old because sadly to say, by
the time many reach fourteen years of age, they are already engrossed
in drugs, gangs and prostitution and have made many wrong decisions.
It is impossible to sit idly by while the youth of this nation are
perishing each day!

We continue to teach a Bible class each week in the village, La Leona.
Many of the ones that started the study have become discouraged for
various reasons. We ask you pray for them. Each Sunday night a group
from La Leona comes on the bus to the service here in Tela. The Lord
has been so faithful to provide for the expense of renting the bus
each week!

Right before Independence Day we celebrated “children’s day,” which is
a big holiday geared toward giving away all sorts of candy and sweets
to children. As a church we took advantage of the opportunity to share
the Gospel. Several children that regularly attend confirmed their
salvation and many first time visitors accepted Christ as their
Savior. Without doubt many children came only for the gifts and candy,
but the Lord had another gift waiting for them; one that is eternal
and will never perish.

In the last two months we have seen 23 people receive Christ as their
Savior. Each one of you has a great part in the salvation of souls
here in Tela. Sometimes we get discouraged when we don’t see the fruit
we would like to see, but we know God will give the increase in His
perfect timing. We ask you also remember to pray for the young people
here. Nearly all of them come from broken homes and have experienced
rejection by one or both parents. Many of them face great opposition
to their faith while others live with constant fighting in their

One of the problems we have been encountering is the lack of space for
children’s classes during the evening services. There is room for
about 125 adults in the metal shed we have built, but only about 25
children fit under our porch. We really didn’t know where to fit any
more children. The Lord provided a solution. There is a small
apartment complex next door and one of the apartments has been vacant.
We are grateful the children now have plenty of room, their own
bathroom and there is even space for a nursery. In the future we can
also use the apartment for institute classes.

I ask you pray for my wife’s residence here in the country. We have
faced a very complicated challenge in getting my wife legalized to
stay here long term. We think we finally have almost all the papers
immigration is asking for, then they ask for something else. It is our
desire Esther wouldn’t have any further delays in getting her
permanent residence.

Thank you again for your faithfulness. We love each of you in the Lord!


Napoleon & Esther Flores

092413 Update from the Washer’s

You know how some weeks you just need exhortation to just “press on?” Well, this was one of those weeks. Praise the Lord for the Word to encourage.

It is September 24, a warm, still afternoon. I have not had a chance to sit down and write. Mukwamba (a sweet Kaonde girl engaged to one of our “sons in the Lord) was here form Saturday afternoon until this morning (Tuesday). She is not difficult to have around and it was a good investment in her life I felt. Even so, still it takes a lot of time to have her, and it made for changing schedule. That isn’t a complaint, just what happened. We had some really good chats. I have never heard a Zambian girl talk about he Lord just like she does. She is wise for her age and show she has parents that have cared and taught her well. Her Dad was raised by Auntie Ellen Groh. His parents had did. His grandfather was a Chief  and he was next in line to inherit that positions, but he refused because it involves a lot of witchcraft which he was not willing to participate in. So, an uncle took the job. I look forward to meeting her parents. Anyway, we had fun talking and sewing, as she has a machine and did quite well in sewing. I taught her to make a bag and gave her some samples to copy so that maybe she can sell and make money for their wedding.

Anyway, lets see. What happened last week? On Monday I had the kids from GE here for reading. Philip (13 and in grade 4) has finally caught on how to read. I am so pleased. He isn’t fluent but knows how to put sounds together. I was able to talk to him yesterday one on one as to his personal acceptance of Christ.

Tuesday we drove to Ndola re: work permit. A different lady was in the office. She looked in the books she had and told me in three minutes that there was not any with the name of Washer. The other lady had had me look through about 50 pages (no exaggeration) of names. I told her what Immigration here had told us. She said, “No, wait. They are way behind in Lusaka.” So we will wait a while longer.

Wednesday had a Bible lesson at Zambia Compound with some kids and also went to see Ba Aida. Her husband beats her up almost every night, though he is not drunk. Her daughter Belina is the sweetest girl in the choir. Anyway, we encouraged her to talk to Pastor Ken (which she did) since I don’t know the laws of Zambia regarding such things.

Friday morning our guinea cock and our big rooster got into a huge spat which would not have ended without one killing  the other. So, we decided to donate the guinea cock as part of the Saturday meal at church during their Bible Conference. Ba Kennedy cooked it in our slow cooker. Some who ate didn’t know it was not chicken! All our baby chicks died of some disease.

Thursday was busy in GE before prayer meeting in the evening. Saturday we had some good visits in GE before Mukwamba came.

Thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both