10/28//13 Update from the Washer Family

As you turn down our driveway before coming to a gate, the short distance is lined with about ten frangipani trees each side. Some of them meet in the middle to form an archway. Right now they are in full bloom with dark pink flowers. We are blessed to have sight to enjoy the eye-feast! Others in the yard are light pink or yellow-white.

We praise the Lord that we were able to get Rachel’s license in Mufulira on Tuesday. Thank-you for praying.

That afternoon I called Gloria (Pastor Royce’s wife) to see about visiting her. She was sick. I was glad I was able to go, take some veggies from our garden, that has produced well. Then, daily we picked her up after her injections at the clinic, to take her home as far as the bridge to Twatasha. The road is too bad after that.

Both of our cars are down. The dish washer (which our kids left here and I have enjoyed!) flooded water on the floor Tuesday night. My bread machine which I use a lot, also broke down this week! We are thankful to the Lord that we have Nathan and Rachel’s van to use.

Wednesday I was just ready to go out the door for afternoon ministry when we had a downpour of rain with lightning and thunder. The electricity went off then, for twenty four hours. The rain brought temperatures down by 20 degrees which was such a help with no electricity. Now there is a kinda green peach fuzz across the lawn, as the grass sprouts from the all night drizzle. And of course, now the inswa (flying ants) are out.

On Thursday as we went to prayer meeting, we got down to the stream near our house and found that three men were trying to off load tree cut offs from their cart (scotchcart as they are called here) because it had tipped over on its side almost into the water. I am sure they had pushed that cart from Chimwemwe, which is about five miles on the power line road. Anyway, Terry helped them upright it by pulling it up from its side with the van. It was just a one axle thing. But, it would have been hard for them to do on their own. They thanked us, and then one said, “Do you know me?” We didn’t. He said, “I am Kelvin Mundundu’s brother in law.” (a man who helps us with work) We trust the Lord will use the contact.

When we got home after prayer meeting, there were three kinds of inswa swarming around the door. Of course the geckos are very happy to eat them. The six that were hatchlings last week have not all survived! One got besquizzled under Terry’s wheel chair tire. Another got sat on by Dr. Kaufmann last night! Another is shortened by his tail length, but is still crawling around with at least two more of them each still in one piece.

Friday while buying car parts for both cars at Hitesh’s place (the Indian who is a Christian), a man walked in and told Terry he could fix the differential for him. Well, come to find out it is Buggs, a man who has helped us in the past. We drove to his place and left the parts. He says he will do it free, so we will see! I am so thankful to the Lord, as it would have been a big job for Terry

Saturday when visiting, we met a bunch of new kids near the church. Several were in our meeting today. Some men digging a foundation called me to talk to them. I did, gave tracts, then they wanted me to go talk to their wives. At the first place two ladies were outside. I put my hand out to greet the first lady. I have never in Zambia had an adult lady refuse to shake my hand. It was done deliberately and in anger. She was Jehovah’s Witness. I said, “Oh, I am Jehovah’s Witness too, with my faith in Jesus Christ His Son.” I gave my testimony in brief. Deuteronomy 7:21 had been in my heart when we started out: “You shall not dread them. For the Lord your God is in your midst, a great and awesome God.”

In the afternoon I didn’t go to ladies’ class because the Kauffmans had just arrived and won’t be here long. So I stayed to have fellowship with them, which was very special.

Sunday morning our SS lesson AND preaching were both from Eph. 6:10-19 without either speaker knowing the other was speaking on it! I figured the Lord must really want to emphasize that passage to our hearts. I love the thought that each piece of armor is a name for Christ.

We had a good group of children yesterday at Garneton East, with one man, apart from our group. He was drunk, but quiet. We know men who have come to Christ when drunk, and meant it!

So another week has begun. Need to leave shortly to pick up kids for reading.

Terry is busy working on plumbing problems.

Thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both

102113 Update from the Washer Family

It is a VERY warm Monday morning. Two boys who were to come for reading didn’t show up, so I will try to get my letter out.

We had  several gecko hatchling appear in our house this week. They are welcome, as they eat bugs, moths, etc. They are about 1 ¼” long.

A sister of Joseph Longwe stopped me on the road the other day. I talked to her briefly about her eternal destiny. She invited me to come and visit her the next afternoon. I rearranged my schedule so that I could go. A fence has been put up, but has a hole through it…. Not exactly my choice of obstacle course in order to get to someone’s house!! But, I did make it through and found she had gone somewhere. I was thankful to be able to talk to neighbors about their need for Christ instead.

Ba Shikulu (an elderly Kaonde man) next door is still ticking along. He is 87. I try to visit at least every couple of weeks. Some days I think he has understood and knows Christ. Other days I can’t tell, even though I have asked him pointedly. The boys next door each seem to “have turned to his own way” whether in church or not.

Thursday I went to visit in Garneton East as usual. One lady who was so discouraged with problems last week, had seen answers to prayer. We thanked the Lord together. The other learning to read did very well and started learning Romans 3:23 with me, though she doesn’t come on Sundays. She is of Seventh Day background.

Friday we were so thankful to the Lord that we made it home safely from a dental appointment in town, as the Hilux was making all kinds of sounds underneath that just weren’t right. Come to find out the differential was loose. We trust it can be repaired this week.

Saturday we visited some kids  who come to meet with us on Sunday afternoons. It was good to “connect kids” who I didn’t know were related. In one place an older brother came and we were able to share the way of salvation with him and told him to consider what he had been told. As we stood to leave, he said, “But I want this today!” So, we sat down and talked with him again and he prayed to accept the Lord. He doesn’t live in Garneton East. The children were also there and listened, though none of them has, as yet, turned to the Lord.

Saturday afternoon Ba Stella and I drove to Kawama to the ladies’ group, just to encourage them. Four came besides us. I praise the Lord the Corona worked without breakdown! I was encouraged to hear Ba Irene leading the group. She is from the church here years ago, and did a good job of teaching the verses we are working on.

Our numbers were down  Sunday afternoon. We had car trouble with the Corona, and Terry never made it out. I went with the four boys (friends of our grandsons), Ba Kelvin and Ba Davy. It was so very hot.

Lots of stones were cleared this past week so that there is a nice playing field out the sports side of our properties. The boys enjoy playing soccer while we set up/take down stuff.


That we will be able to pick up Rachel’s driver’s license without hassle.

Our work permit to come through.

Salvation of kids who meet with us on Sundays.

Trust you have a blessed week.

SO grateful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both

101413 Update from the Washer Family

It is Monday afternoon, October 14, and I will leave shortly for GE to get the kids I am helping with reading.  Last Monday I discovered that one of my reading kids writes from right to left and from the end of the word to the beginning. I have never seen that before. So, today’s project is to work on writing with him. Bless his dear heart. He is of a very sensitive nature. Since he started school a few weeks ago, there has been a negative change in him…. I am praying I can help.

When I pass by the market at this time of year and see how wilted the cabbage heads look after a day in the sun, I often think, “I wonder if I look like that?”  “Wilted” is the perfect word for them and me these hot afternoons. I haven’t heard the cicadas for the past two days. Not sure what that means.

I was so excited on Tuesday for the idea the Lord gave me. I wanted to make bean bags for children’s games on Sundayafternoons. But,  I just couldn’t buy beans as that is food and could feed a large family for a couple of meals. I was praying about what to do, and the Lord showed me right here in our yard: the tree seeds have just popped out of their pods within the last few days. One is just the size of a copper penny. The other are the seeds from the flame lily tree. They worked wonderfully and with no expense. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, several Kaonde people invited me to come back and talk to them at their home. They make a living selling home-brew! So, Lord willing will try to go back with Bana Dan or her son, Kelvin (they are related to these people).

After learning verses (I Cor. 6 is our new chapter), we had a Bible club at Ba Marjorie’s. There were 18 there and at least 10 said the verse I gave them last time. They listened so well. Praise the Lord!

Saturday Ba Stella and Ba Jacob’s wife went visiting with us in GE. We had visits at three places only, but they were very worthwhile, with one ending with the salvation of a lady who I teach reading to each week. We are thankful.

Had about 40 kids yesterday afternoon for the meeting, but no adults apart from our group. It went well.

Thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both