111813 Request From the Howell Family

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We are truly overtaken by what all God has done for us and our ministry here in New Zealand as a direct result of your support.

Our church here in New Zealand has organized a mission trip to Haiti through the Christmas holiday. Some of you may support the missionaries they will be working with (Harry Peart, Tim Bower, Keith Baker and medical doctor Anne Livingstone). I can forward a full packet with details upon request.

All the plans for this trip have gone without a hitch until last week when we found out that non-immigrant visas are required to gain entry back into the US from Haiti for our non-US citizens on the trip. The reason is because they are taking a private flight (www.missionaryflights.org) out of the US down to and back from Haiti, so they do not qualify for the Visa Waiver Program as a New Zealand citizen for that particular segment of the mission trip. After countless phone calls and endless red-tape, and my head spinning like a top, I believe headway is being made. I have a case number and await a response by email from the US Embassy here in New Zealand within 1-2 business days. Time is of the essence because the team flies out of New Zealand on December 13th. The additional visa fee will be about $200 per person, but in fine print on their website this can be waived for charitable services.

Our prayer request is for this process to go through quickly and smoothly, and that the $200 fee would be waved. If the fee comes about, prayer for God to supply this need.

God is good…all the time,

Lewis Howell

11/18/13 Update from the Washer Family

Good Morning from Zambia on this Monday, November 18. The past week has had some big blessings, answers to prayer, and some matters for concern and discouragement. Yet, that is life isn’t it? So, we will focus on the Saviour and the blessings, and yet mention two matters for prayer:

  1. The church well has run dry for the first time since it was dug about 12 years ago. Today, someone has gone down into it to dig deeper. They just pumped and have a full tank, but will have to stop others from using it until there is more.
  2. Tomorrow we go to Ndola to check on our work permit again. Would appreciate prayer about that.
  3. Some blessings:

We were in town last week. I am our “legs” as Kitwe is not wheel chair friendly. It was hot, I was tired and on my way to a fourth place to look for a phone battery for Terry’s phone. I was down by the Edinburgh Hotel where I haven’t been in over eight years, looking for a store. As I walked I prayed, “Lord, I am tired and don’t know what I am looking for.”  Just then a voice called out, “Balishani, Bana Washer.” (Bemba greeting) I turned to see a young man smiling at me. I didn’t recognize him and asked how he knew me. “I grew up in Faith Baptist, Garneton,” he said. He now attends the sister church in Kwacha. Maybe years ago when he was small I knew him, I am not sure. I asked if he knew the Lord. “Yes,” he said, “I accepted the Lord in Garneton.” I was SO blessed. I said, ‘I am looking for A to Z shop.” He said, “That is where I work.” He took me in and helped me find what I needed. Praise the Lord for the encouragement to find a life that has been changed through the ministries here. Thank-you for your part in his life, though from afar.

The roof was completed in the small house on the church property. Welding on the doors and windows will be started tomorrow, Lord willing. Yesterday rain was coming. What a blessing to have a dry place to meet, though we jut got a short sprinkle. But the big blessing was when an invitation was given, six remained behind to accept Christ as Savior. It was an extra blessing that three have been coming  ever since we started. One was Kelvin Mundundu’s ten year old daughter. He was blessed to lead her to the Lord in the very house where they will be moving when it is finished (Lord willing). Another was one we talked to  (with his mom) at his home on Saturday about his need for the Lord . Thank-you for praying. These are the first fruits with the children, in a service. We praise the Lord SO much.

The huge rain we thought we would get last night, by-passed us. But, the Lord knows we have need of food and drink, so know He will provide. (Matthew 6:25)

Thankful Emmanuel LIVES,

Sandy for us both

111113 Update from the Washer Family

It is November 10 as I sit down to write at the end of a busy but good day. It was a year ago last Monday that we arrived back in Zambia. We are very happy here. Maybe as someone else looks at what has been done this year, they may think we haven’t progressed far, but the Lord “has done great things for us whereof we are glad.”

Right outside our house is a large avocado tree. The avocadoes are usually half bad, half good. But there is this “first come, first served” attitude between me and the dogs. You see, we both like avocados. But the one that hears the “ker-thud” when they fall and gets there first, is the one who enjoys the “good half” of the fallen fruit. We got one this week!!

Philip, one of my Monday reading kids left to move back to Northeastern Zambia. I had opportunity to make salvation a “personal” issue with him, but he never indicated his desire nor that he saw his need to be saved. He is 13.

Our water tank has been leaking quite badly. It was taken down and fiberglassed on the outside last week, but still leaked. They took it down again and now it is fine. We are thankful.

This is the first year I have heard of wells in the compound drying up. Lorries of water tanks come down the roads and fill people’s containers with water. The church well (Garneton) has not gone dry, praise the Lord. But while out on visitation on Saturday, at one house they asked permission to come to the church property (Garneton East) to get water from our well. It has about one meter of water in it, when most people’s in Garneton East are dry. Then heard today that either a rat or something has fallen into it and made the water not potable. So, someone will have to sort that one out! Our well is about 30′ deep. We do believe we are going to need to have a borehole dug out there. The cost is $3,000. A hole is bored down about 240′ into the ground, pipes put in with a pump down in the borehole to pump water up into a tank. Poles are being put up for electricity, so electricity should be installed soon.

We had about 50 at our meeting yesterday, after being rained out last Sunday. The weather has been really hot and dry; a little rain, but not much. Maybe the Lord is holding it off until we get the sand we need from the river first (for building)! When the rains start, lorries get stuck at the river and can’t carry much sand due to the weight. We were able to get two loads last week. We need about three more.

Terry and I read a verse this past week that blessed me so: Moses in talking to the Lord at the end of his life and after seeing so many miracles in Egypt, his own life, the wilderness, the Lord’s provisions, etc. said, “O Lord God, thou hast BEGUN to shew they servant thy greatness and the mighty hand; for what God is there in heaven or in earth, that can do according to thy works and according to thy might?”

(Deut. 3:24) We have seen His mighty hand working for us…. and it is just a BEGINNING of His greatness. Wow!

Praises: Terry and Ba Richard got our dishwasher fixed and it is to be installed tomorrow. Small thing? No! I praise the Lord!

I re-tried my bread machine and it worked! It must have had a power-out that made it stop working.I am SO thankful. I take bread when visiting sick folk.

We were able to buy roofing sheets this week to put on the house out at the church plot.

The Hilux was repaired free by a man in town, then Terry and men here were able to install the broken part.

So thankful for Emmanuel,

Sandy for us both