American Muslim Groups Want Law Enforcement Training Changed

American Muslim Groups Want Law Enforcement Training Changed

Judicial Watch (August 26, 2014) reports that a:

“coalition of influential and politically-connected Muslim rights groups is demanding that the Obama administration implement a mandatory retraining program for all federal, state and local law enforcement officials who may have been subjected to materials they deem ‘biased and discriminatory’ against Muslims. There must also be an audit of all federal law enforcement and intelligence gathering training and educational materials to identify and remove information that could exhibit bias against any race, ethnicity, religion or national origin, the groups demand.”

Not only that, but the Muslim groups also add that:

“…the administration must pursue disciplinary action against agents and officials who engage in discriminatory conduct as well as those responsible for the anti-Muslim training materials. Finally, the coalition insists that all federal funding to local and state law enforcement agencies be withheld unless they ban all training materials considered to be biased against race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. In short, these empowered Muslim activists want to dictate how our nation’s law enforcement agencies operate at every level.”

Organizations like the ACLU and NAACP also support the report. The report concludes:

“‘Without executive branch actions, including those we recommend below, trainings that perpetuate gross stereotypes and false information about Islam and Muslims will continue to proliferate at the state and local level,’ the letter says. It continues: ‘The use of anti-Muslim trainers and materials is not only highly offensive, disparaging the faith of millions of Americans, but leads to biased policing that targets individuals and communities based on religion, not evidence of wrongdoing.’”

Law enforcement must be able to identify the enemy in order to enforce the law. These groups know that. The attempt to water down the ability of law enforcement is an additional threat to our national security.

Public Television to Air Pro Late Term Abortion Movie (August 27, 2014) reports that on Monday evening, September 1, PBS will air “After Tiller.” This movie is a documentary that claims late term abortionists are victims of pro-life fanatics. describes the documentary as follows:

“Martha Shane and Lana Wilson’s After Tiller is a deeply humanizing and probing portrait of the only four doctors in the United States still openly performing third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas—and in the face of intense protest from abortion opponents. It is also an examination of the desperate reasons women seek late abortions. Rather than offering solutions, After Tiller presents the complexities of these women’s difficult decisions and the compassion and ethical dilemmas of the doctors and staff who fear for their own lives as they treat their patients.”

Late term abortions are nothing more than the legalized killings of children who have been branded as unworthy to live by maniacal doctors willing to kill them. The fact that PBS is willing to show this abortion propaganda reveals the liberal bias of the network. The chances of an anti-abortion documentary being aired on PBS are very small.

Be sure to contact your local PBS station and tell them that you do not appreciate them airing anything that puts a favorable light on late term abortions.

Former Federal Cyber Security Director Convicted of Child Pornography

According to (August 26, 2014), the former director of cyber security at the Department of Health and Human Services has been convicted of child pornography charges. Timothy DeFoggi, the former acting director, was arrested and convicted of being a member of a website that promoted the rape and murder of children. According to the article, “He even suggested meeting one member in person to fulfill their mutual fantasies to violently rape and murder children.”

It is not known to what extent DeFoggi’s addiction overlapped with his job at the Department of Health and Human Services. What is known is that he was active on this site and at least two others while he had access to federal computers.

“An HHS official told Business Insider that DeFoggi was part of the department from 2008 until the start of 2014: ‘Mr. DeFoggi was employed at HHS, first at the Indian Health Service as a Supervisory IT Specialist from September 2008 until March 2012, and then at the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration as a Lead IT Specialist from March 2012 until January 2014.”

Read more here.

Leadership positions are the most important positions in our government and churches. The morally bankrupt culture that we live in makes it more important than ever to keep a watch on the lifestyles of our leaders. People don’t do what you expect; they do what you inspect.

New Auto Technology May Become Government Tool (August. 27, 2014) reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently published “advanced notice of proposed rulemaking” on “vehicle-to-vehicle communications.” The publication states:

“This document initiates rulemaking that would propose to create a new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, FMVSS No. 150, to require vehicle-to-vehicle communication capability for light vehicles…”

Lightweight vehicles, like the passenger car, will give off a “basic safety message (BSM).” The BSM “will be broadcast by the vehicle’s dedicated short-range communications system.” The message will “contain the relevant elements and describe them accurately (e.g., vehicle speed; GPS position; vehicle heading; DSRC message ID, etc.).”

However, the Department of Transportation does not plan on the technology stopping there. This technology is seen as the beginning stage of a product that will eventually be totally automated. The concern is that the government will be able to use this information to track the personal lives of car drivers. The article continues:

“Like any other instrument, the new automobile technology the federal government is now planning to mandate can be used for good or ill. Certainly, automated automobile warning systems based on accurate data broadcast by other people’s cars and roadway infrastructure can save lives.

But as vehicles become fully automated, as they surely will, and the people in them no longer have absolute control over the vehicle’s movements, a key question will be: Who does?”