September, 2014 Update from the Kenney Family (Chile)

Have you taken a moment to see how you can have a direct part in planting churches in Chile?

Chile Church Planting’s purpose is to help the men that we are training through the Bible college to plant churches. This coming year (2015), at least three church planters will need assistance. In order to accomplish our goal we need at least $1000 a month. Several hundred is already being given!

Please check out the video and learn about this ministry.

Here is a link to the web site where you can give to Chile Church Planting

Here is the physical address: Chile Church Planting, P.O. Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009

In Christ and For His glory,

Jason Kenney
Serving in Chile

Update for Lisa Halsey Joyner (John Halsey)

I have pasted my daughter Lisa’s last Caring Bridge post below. We deeply appreciate your prayers!!!

John Halsey

Dr. Spiritos called today with the results of last night’s PET scan.  I have too many affected lymph nodes under my left arm to take them all out so he is not recommending surgery after all.  The cancer itself is located under the pectoral muscle on the chest wall.  The type of cancer this time is not Triple Negative, but is something new called HER2 – positive. The good news is that this type of cancer responds to treatment.  Treatment will include radiation and chemotherapy to begin as early as next week.  

One other spot showed up on the scan and that has him baffled.  Another lymph node – under my right arm – also lit up as cancerous.  The challenge next week will be for a radiologist to find it using ultrasound so it can be biopsied also.  The type of that cancer is undetermined, but we are praying that it is the same kind so it will also respond to the same drugs.  

We are so grateful for all the prayers, messages, texts, and cards.  We are surrounded by people who care and lift us up to the Father when we are too tired to do it ourselves. 

Prayer Request for Mr. David Batie

Friends of CAAA:

Thank you for all your prayers for Bro. David Woodard.  The Lord took him home Saturday night, and today he is praising the Lord face to face as he did  all the days of his life.  We will miss him but look forward to our reunion.

Please be in prayer for Mrs. Lou Woodard and the family.  For those who would like to send a card:

Mrs. Lou Woodard
1157 Frankie Coburn Road
Greenville, NC 27834

Praising God for His Goodness.