12/29/14 Update on Jerry Matson’s Cancer

Dear Praying friends,

As promised, here is the report on Jerry’s hospital visit today.  Our son-in-law, Rus Drylie, picked us up before 5:30 am and brought us to the hospital.  He stayed there with us the whole time and even picked up our mail and prescriptions after he brought us home.  We could not have done this without help like this, and are very grateful to Rus.  The two doctor team inserted 60 radioactive seeds into Jerry’s prostate.  These doctors came out and told me he did well, but there was substantial cancer, and it was a good thing we had this done now.  Jerry is in bed for the afternoon, and I am also tired.  Most of all I am grateful to our Lord for taking care of my sweetheart!

By the way, some have thought that I am having hip replacement surgery, I guess because we have written how painful my hips have been.  No, it is knee replacement.  The hips are affected by the strange way I have to walk.

We did not “plan” to be both incapacitated at the same time, but we know the One Who has our way all planned according to His will!!!!


Janet Matson