February 26, 2015 Update from Kinyonga Family

photoThey saw Victoria today at church  – Mshama took her the first day to the Dr.  Her “family” did the followup  – Martha said the Dr packed her burn – (which she said was almost to the bone ) with rabbit hair. They will be taking her tomorrow to another Dr to see if they can undo the damage from packing it with rabbit hair.  She said that he had to take a woman who needed a tooth pulled, a woman who has a bad heart, and one of the men said his wife was sick, and we know that those have to be followed up on, because so many end up dying from malaria & typhoid.  So they will take Victoria along as well.  Please pray that they can get an American Dr to come and give some seminars to teach them better medical practices.   They just do not know – it is not that they do not care, they just do not know. I was just thinking the other day that there have been fewer deaths since Mshama is there every day overseeing the people and their needs. Victoria is 7

Kinyonga Family Update, February, 2015

Dear Co-laborers,

Attached is our most recent prayer letter for January/February 2015. Thank you for your support. We appreciate the fact that you take your time to read our updates. We also attached some pictures of camp, the twins, and clearing the property. Have a wonderful day.

Your Missionary Friends,

Mshama, Martha & Esther Kinyonga





Special Request from the Aholt Family

Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

bigstock-Vision-Test-390507-reading-glassesDuring our last furlough home ministry, we offered a requested to each one of our supporting churches.  There is a ministry that we have been able to assist in Papua New Guinea – the Christian Blind Mission. We asked if you could save used glasses and reading glasses, rather than discarding them.  As we visited each of you in 2010-11, many of you had gathered those items for us.  We then shipped them to Papua New Guinea and were able to utilize all of those items to many ministry partners and needy people of Papua New Guinea.  Below is a request that we received from Don Waipe, the director of the Christian Blind Mission, based in Goroka, for more of these items as they have all been used up:

“Hello Steve and Sandy. I’m so sorry I had no time to say good bye when you left Goroka.  Hope you are settling well.

I’m wondering if there are some more donated glasses which will really help those who cannot afford to buy one.

From the previous ones 179 people benefited. If you find some more donated glasses it would be nice as we are planning for outreach in the remote areas in Goroka. Thanks.

Please, if you could announce to your church families to begin gathering eyeglasses and reading glasses again, we will be collecting those items when we come to report to you.  Please do not save broken glasses and broken frames.  These will not be able to be used.

Thank you for partnering in ministry with us in this way.

In Christ’s love,

Steve and Sandy