June 28 Update for Neighborhood Bible Time

NBT Prayer Card for Week 4, June 28-July 3, 2015

Dear Praying Friends,

God continues to bless Neighborhood Bible Time as we seek to reach the hearts of children and teenagers all across the United States and beyond!  I’ll have to catch up a little bit since I have been busy doing a rally myself this week, but we do have an update on Week 2.

June 14th began our second week of rallies for 2015.  During that week, we had 13 stateside rallies, plus a few teams that went ahead to Week 3 churches to assist in their final preparations and promotions.  Back at the rallies, over 1,100 heard the Gospel!  We praise God for the many souls that were saved, and the many Christians who made good decisions!

We only have one report from overseas at this point.  A smaller rally in Puerto Rico grew to 20 by their last day, but that is double their first day attendance and some of those visitors were saved!  Praise the LORD!

One church reported that they had good decisions made and the kids were excited!  A pastor from another church said, “I had new staff participation and watching them get a heart for service was amazing, but of course the highlight was the salvations and dedications that came as a result.

Pray for salvation of the lost, but also pray for the saved to surrender and take the next step of obedience.  Finally, pray for the evangelists. They are about to begin their fourth week of NBT rallies.  Pray for good health, for God to sustain their voices, encourage them, strengthen them, and keep them excited about what He is doing.  Most of all, pray that God would work deep in their hearts and make this a life-changing summer for them and that, through their testimony and preaching, it would also be a life- and eternity-changing summer for those to whom they minister.

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June, 2015 Update from Beacon of Truth Ministries

Romola Bible Church – Howard, PA
We completed another Scripture Project this past week at Romola Bible Church in Howard, Pennsylvania.  This project is going to Tampico, Mexico for the 25th Anniversary of the Iglesia Bautista Nuevo Tampico.  They are having a massive distribution of Scripture in this city of 300,000 people and it will start during the later part of July.  The population of Mexico is around 110 million and about 90% Roman Catholic.  Only 7% profess to be Christian.

We still have the Scripture Project for Haiti that continues to move forward to completion.  We have about another 30,000 Scriptures to complete and then this project will be ready to go to the mission field.  During June, we are launching a project for Sierra Leone that will be ready to ship to the country in July.  It is so exciting to be able to take part in providing the Word of God for needy souls around the world.

Pray with us for the distribution of these Scriptures and for many to be saved as they receive the message of Salvation in Christ.  Your prayers are greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Beacon of Truth