September, 2015 Update from Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministry

unnamedIt’s hard to believe the month of September is about over.  However, it’s been a good month for our Bible Ministry.  We have produced 81,481 Spanish Scripture booklets for the mission field.  This has been accomplished through the churches that have sponsored a Scripture Assembly this month.  Each booklet produced represents souls that will be reached with the true message of salvation.  With all the religious deception that circles the globe, it behooves every one of us that know the Truth to proclaim it and provide it for lost souls around the world.
We are very thankful for the friends of this ministry that pray for us and support our efforts to get out the Gospel truth.  God has been very good to us and continues to provide what we need to publish the precious Word of God in various languages.  There is much more that needs to be done and we ask you, our precious friends, to keep us in prayer before the Throne of Grace.  And when you pray, remember that one roll of paper will cost about $500 and that one roll results in the production of hundreds of copies of GOSPEL TRUTH.  We need truck loads of paper and our combined prayers can bring it to pass.  AMEN!