November 29, 2015 Prayer Update from the Aholt Family

Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Steve Ottio returned to Lae safely.  Praise the Lord!  Thank you for praying.

Medlin is doing better and has been able to get out of bed and walk around some.  Her face and legs are swollen.  She has experienced slow improvement.

Please continue to pray as God is working through this situation since last Sunday when it all began with a snake bite.  We have heard stories of how God is working to change the thinking of people who are lost and strengthening the faith of believers.

Great things that God is doing – to Him be the glory, Steve and Sandy

November 29, 2015 Update from the Frueh Family

Christmas is coming!

fe4866f4-258b-4648-9497-1574eef39fe0As we enter December, things will start getting busier and busier until the Christmas season is over. This week Sarah and I will travel to Budapest to practice with the church there for the upcoming Christmas program. We will be doing two concerts in Budapest, one in Pecs, one in Nagykanizsa, and a smaller-scale program in Papa, a city in which there is a small group of believers, some of whom travel to Nagykanizsa for church. Please pray for physical and spiritual strength and endurance as we enter a very busy time.

Language school continues to go well. Sarah and I speak as much as we are able to, and we have lots of opportunity to practice. We are thankful to have a good Hungarian teacher. Please continue to pray for us to acquire the language quickly. Our ministry is largely limited to how much we can speak in Hungarian.

God gave us a good time celebrating Thanksgiving last Friday with some of the other American fundamental missionaries here. We are thankful to be in Hungary! We are also thankful to have a permanent place to live. Sarah and I moved into our new apartment

The Church the Frueh's Attend in Hungary

The Church the Frueh’s Attend in Hungary

yesterday, and we are busy cleaning, unpacking, etc. We are praying that God will allow us to minister to many people in our home.

Please continue to pray for our Saturday night prayer meeting. We had one new attender last night. A good goal would be to pray for God to bring 7 people to the prayer meeting. God answers prayer!

Thank you again for your prayers! Mike for the Fruehs

November 28, 2015 Prayer Update from the Aholt Family

Thank you for praying!  God is good – all the time!

079Medlin Ottio update.  Attached is a photo with Medlin on the left of the picture, along with some of the other ladies from Goroka Baptist Church, with Steve.

Yesterday, Friday, they took Medlin off of the ventilator.   She has been breathing on her own for about 24 hours.

She is trying to eat with the help of the nurses.  She is being scheduled to be moved to the main ward, but they are trying to get her blood pressure stabilized.  They are hoping to move her on Monday.

Medlin’s husband, Pastor Steve, is coming to Goroka today and will return to Lae after church on Sunday afternoon.  Please pray for his safety as he travels those 185 miles, over and around the mountains.  This trip usually takes 4 ½ hours.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Medlin as she is being cared for in Lae.

Listening for the trump and praying, Steve and Sandy Aholt