Jesus Is the Solution for Everything

Dear Praying Friends,

The theme for this weekend’s “Joyful News Days” revival meeting is “Jesus is the Solution for Everything.” Just as Nicodemus, as knowledgeable as he was, asked, “How can these things be?”, so everyone without Christ is ignorant of the true solution to man’s problems. Last week, the church personally handed out around 900 invitations. We will get another 1,000 or so out this week, as well. There are many posters put up around town. Please pray with us that on Saturday God will fill the auditorium we rented in town, and that the church people would see Him work in a miraculous way. Many of the church folks have been involved in prayer for this event, and it would be a tremendous step forward for them to see God work. There are many events going on in the city this Saturday, but pray that God will remind people of our meeting, and use the city events to bring many people out of their homes who would not normally come to a public event like this.

As I write this, Heather is packing her things to go back to the States tomorrow morning (we leave the house at 2:30 a.m.). Sarah and I are thankful for her encouragement, as well as the impact she has had on the church people. God also used her last Friday to invite some English-speaking young people and to share the gospel with them. Pray for her safety, and that God will lead her forward in the next ministry steps in her life.

I pray that the joy of your salvation is real, and that others will experience it through you this week, as well. Thank you for praying!
Mike for the Fruehs

Here is a list of those for whose salvation we are currently praying:
Zoli and Judit – friends
Miki and Vera – neighbors
Vera – language teacher
Gyula and Marta – neighbors
Dori’s Father and Grandmother
Kriszti’s Father
Hanna – Agi and Stefi’s friend
Laci Bacsi – Idaneni’s husband

Real Hungarian sausage ("Ló" is the word for horse)

Real Hungarian sausage (“Ló” is the word for horse)

Sunday morning ladies' prayer meeting

Sunday morning ladies’ prayer meeting

Heather coaching Hannah on VBS prop design

Heather coaching Hannah on VBS prop design

April, 2016 Update from NOW Ministries

Dear Prayer Partners,
What a wonderful time we have had with our two National Pastors, Julio Marquina and Sacarias Castro! God blessed with many meetings and hearts were challenged in the area of missions. We Praise the Lord that He provided the money to cover all the expenses during this time; with airfare, gas, and food this can be a strain on the ministry but God is Good! Pastor Julio had a great need for funds to cover the purchase of the seminary building in Venezuela and God has provided that as well! During this time Pastor Sacarias didn’t say a word about his need for a car. I found out today that he only needs $1,500 dollars and he will be able to purchase a vehicle. He was so gracious in seeing that the Lord’s work in Venezuela was able to be carried out that he didn’t mention anything about his need. Please pray that the Lord will provide this for He and his family to be able to use in Costa Rica.
Our Missionaries in Australia, the Gibbs family, will be coming to the states in September. We are so thankful for how God has worked in the ministry there these past two years. They have seen souls saved, converts baptized, and believers disciples. Bro. Adam Gibbs’ calling has always been church planting and with the completion of their internship in August they are excited to move to the next phase of their ministry. The purpose of their trip back to the states is to raise funds for a church plant. They are focusing on making new contacts with churches that would be excited to partner with them as they move forward to reach the world from the Land Down Under. Please let me know if you would be interested in helping with this endeavor.
Thank you for partnering with us by faithfully praying and supporting NOW Ministries! We are seeing God do great things around the world with many souls saved daily!
Serving Together,
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