May-June, 2016 Update from the Kinyonga Family

Dear Supporters,

We have attached our newest prayer letter. We are so grateful that we can share with you all what has been going on here in Tanzania. If we may ask you all to pray for a gentleman named Samuel and his daughter Naomi. His wife passed away just a few days ago of TB. They are heading now to Kenya for burial. Naomi is only 6yrs old. This family is very faithful to our church in fact we were able to lead all of them to the Lord. Thanks for praying for us and the people here in Tanzania.

For His Glory,

Mshama, Martha & Esther Kinyonga

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June, 2016 Update from the Frueh Family

Dear Praying Friends,

Early tomorrow morning, Sarah and I, Joli Olah, and four teenagers will head to Rome, Italy, for a youth missions trip. We will be assisting Jamie Homan and his family at Bible Baptist Church this next week. The teens will be involved in door-to-door tracting, as well as ministering in the midweek service. Lord-willing, we will return to Hungary on Saturday evening. Here are a few things to pray for:

– Safety as we travel about 10 hours each way
– God to give each of us a burden for the lost of Rome
– God to help us have physical strength (the forecast is upper 90-degree temperature)
– God to encourage the people Bible Baptist Church, Rome
– God to use us to encourage the Homan family
– People to see Jesus in our lives
– God to give us fruit from the outreach
– Kriszti, as she gives her salvation testimony to the church on Thursday

Thank you for praying!
Mike for the Fruehs

Salvation prayer list for this week:

  • Éva – (see pic below) Hanna’s and Dori’s classmate. Comes from a broken home, but has a tender attitude. We need an opportunity to share the gospel with her.

    1) Sarah, Eva, Hanna, and Dori painting leaves for VBS palm trees

    1) Sarah, Eva, Hanna, and Dori painting leaves for VBS palm trees

April-May, 2016 Update from the Ford Family

Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you all for taking time to read and pray for our family and church planting ministry here in Moldova. We truly believe that the prayers of God’s people provide the power to do the work. God will not move until He has been moved by our prayers. We are counting on you as our prayer partners to petition heaven’s blessings and to see God’s mighty hand be over us as we labor here.
May the Lord find us faithful,
Daniel & Emily Ford
Missionaries to Moldova

June, 2016 Update from the Batie Family

CAAA Ministry Friends:

Attached is our current newsletter.  We have been very busy and request your continued prayer and support for the ministry.  We are working to meet the needs of many growing ministries.  The newsletter is also posted on our webpage.