Frueh Family Update – Back to School!

Dear Praying Friends,

This week the teens and college students will be returning to school for the fall semester. Please pray for them as they face many challenges. God is greater than our environment. Praise the Lord!

God continues to give us open doors with VBS contacts from this summer. Please pray that these contacts would translate into people added to the church here. We will be having another outreach Sunday in a month, and our goal is to have many VBS contacts there.

Please continue to pray for Gábor and Joli. Joli worked 2nd shift this week, and wasn’t able to meet with Sarah and Ági but did communicate that she and Gábor want to meet for the next Bible study as soon as possible.

Gedeon’s son, Dávid, is returning to the States tomorrow to finish his last year of Bible college. Please pray for God’s continued direction in his life, as well as for his brother and sister (Péter and Hanna) still at home.

Your prayers are important to us,
Mike for the Fruehs

Salvation prayer list for this week:

  • Gábor and Joli – Sarah and Ági will have the 2nd exchange Bible study lesson next week with them.
  • Gabi and Erika – VBS moms, and their families
    Teens playing whisper-down-the-lane charades (click to watch video)

    Teens playing whisper-down-the-lane charades (click to watch video)

    Dori, Ági, Hanna

    Dori, Ági, Hanna

    The Oláh family, our co-workers

    The Oláh family, our co-workers

August, 2016 Update from NOW (Marshall Messenger)

5040 Penn Road, Iron Station, NC 28080 · Phone: (704) 483-8999 · Fax: (704)257-6418
Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support! We are looking forward to the Gibbs family arriving next week from Australia. Please pray that the additional support needed for this next phase of ministry will be provided.
In our recent travels to New Mexico and Colorado it became evident that it is time to replace the ministry vehicle that we use to tow our travel trailer. Our current vehicle has over 363,000 miles and is having trouble pulling the weight. We are in need of a truck that is designed for pulling larger loads. These vehicles come with a bigger price tag. Please be in prayer for wisdom and God’s provision as we will need about $55,000.
Thank you again for your faithfulness to NOW Ministries! Please pray for hearts to be challenged in the upcoming meetings. God is doing great things and we are continually growing and reaching into the uttermost with the gospel.
Serving Together,
Toru Marshall
Founder/ President
NOW Ministries, Inc.