The Frueh Family – Friend Day

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for praying for Friend Day! God gave us a great Sunday today. One of Tibor’s co-workers came with his family. Tibor picked him up personally and brought him to church. Tundi and Gabor brought one of their neighbors this morning. We also had a visit from Gyöngyi, the mother of Robi (he is saved and works in England, but has visited before). For the afternoon service, Klari brought several family members. In the morning, Dr. Potter preached a great message on Jesus’ friendship with sinners, and Gedeon preached in the afternoon on Jesus’ love for us. I believe it was a positive contact for each one who was here. Please pray for God’s continued work in many hearts.

Our ladies Bible study last Friday was a blessing. So many ladies carry heavy burdens. Joli spoke on “Joy Robbers: things that take away our joy.” She had the opportunity to speak with one lady in particular who is unsaved (on her right at the table in the pic below). Pray for the Lord to give us godly ladies.

This week we will continue language training. On Saturday, we will be taking the teens to Budapest as a reward for memorizing Romans 12 this summer. God is good.

Your prayers are important to us,
Mike for the Fruehs

Salvation prayer list for this week: