The Frueh Family – Rejoice in the Lord

Dear Praying Friends,

Whatever the circumstances we go through, God has commanded us to rejoice. Sarah and I are thankful that God always gives us joy as we minister here and give ourselves to His work. Pray for us as we prepare for many upcoming events, including a Christmas concert and missions conference.

We continue to make progress on the language. We are trying to spend more time fellowshipping with Hungarian speakers in order to practice. It is a difficult language! Please continue to pray that God would give us courage to speak, even if we are not perfect.

Sarah and I have the opportunity to have some of the church English class students in our home tomorrow. Pray for God’s work in Melinda, Jazmin, and Feri’s lives, and that God would help us show His love to them.

Gabi is a VBS mom with whom our co-worker Joli has had good contact. Pray for Gabi, her husband, and her parents-in-law to be saved. The Lord seems to be working in their lives. Livia is another contact who is also very tender-hearted right now.

Sarah and I appreciate all of you,
Mike for the Fruehs

Salvation prayer list for this week:
      • Melinda and Feri (adult English students)