The Frueh Family – Pray for Missions Conference!

Dear Praying Friends,

We trust you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We have much to be thankful for, including all you who pray for us! Please continue praying for our language studies.

We had a good first day for our missions conference today! Pastor Dan Peters, another missionary in Hungary here, is our main speaker. Please pray for us, as there is a great opportunity today and tomorrowfor God to put a real burden in our hearts.

We heard a teen presentation about Cameroon tonight! Peter and Kriszti did a good job. Dori and Hanna will be presenting Kenya tomorrow night. Sarah and I are thankful that the young people have a heart to be involved in ministry.

This week we will begin inviting folks to the Christmas concert. We had a good time of prayer with the church on Saturday night for God to work. Please pray with us that we would have quality, lasting contacts from this outreach.

Thank you for praying!
Mike for the Fruehs

Salvation prayer list for this week (our neighbors):
      • László and Ági
      • Krisztián and Ági
      • Miki and Vera

The congregation at the nursing home (no, Joli is not a resident)

The congregation at the nursing home (no, Joli is not a resident)

Peter Olah giving his part of the Cameroon presentation

Peter Olah giving his part of the Cameroon presentation

Do you know which countries these flags represent?

Do you know which countries these flags represent?

November, 2016 Update from the Quinlan Family

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,                                                         November, 2016

The Quinlan Family is doing well as we serve in Guam.  Though the family has battled the flu, we are excited to be at the final stages of planting the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Santa Rita.  The LORD has not yet provided a pastor; and our church covets your prayers and any information as we are busy seeking a leader.  In the meantime, we are busy with the ministries of the church and outreach ministries.

Since our last prayer letter, we have seen four people saved, two baptized, and two adult ladies join our membership.  We are also excited about three couples that have been visiting and growing in faithfulness.  Some great news also from the ministry is the news that a couple that served with us in the past will be returning to Guam to retire and will be focusing their energies on outreach to the military through a servicemen’s center using the new building.  This couple may also have family members coming to help with this ministry at least at the beginning.  This is truly an answer to prayer.

The family is doing fine.  The adult kids are or will be taking classes in college by September; and each of them have their ministries at Lighthouse.  Tammy is busy with homeschooling and ladies’ ministries

Some prayer needs are

¨ Pastor and family to take leadership at Lighthouse

¨ Pike/Alexander families moving back to the island, military ministry

¨ Wisdom/health for Quinlans, Hursts, Henderson families

¨ Discipleship of new converts and church growth

¨ Finances to build the 2nd classroom floor on building

Finally, we wanted to thank you all so much for your faithfulness and help as we serve here.  We always sense the prayers and concerns for our family and are so thankful to be a part of your outreach to the world.

Joyfully serving, Sean and Tammy

November, 2016 Update from the Bourdess Family

We just want to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for each of you, our prayer & financial partners. We will be doing our regular bi-monthly prayer letter at the end of the month but just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and praying for you all and thank the Lord for you!

May the Lord bless you,
The Leslie Bourdess Family
Missionaries to Cordova, AK

NOW Ministries – Marshall Messenger

5040 Penn Road, Iron Station, NC 28080 · Phone: (704) 483-8999 · Fax: (704)257-6418
Dear Prayer Partners,
Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for you and your faithful prayers and support for NOW Ministries! We have so many things to be able to thank God for and I pray that you will take the time to reflect on God’s goodness over the following days. In our latest prayer letter we wrote of an Urgent need of  $10,000 to purchase the Seminary building in Cuba. God has provided $8,000 of that; which only leaves $2,000 till they will be able to make the purchase! We praise the Lord for the diligence of the Cuban people as they raised 2/3 of the total cost of the property themselves. Robin and I are looking forward to being with these sweet people in January for a time of encouragement for these faithful Pastors.
Please start praying now for our mission trip in May 2017 to the Philippines. Evangelistic crusades will be held and we are praying for many to come to know Christ as Savior! As with any mission trip there is costs; so we are already asking for God’s provision for the Cuba and Philippines trips. God has always been faithful to meet the need! Thank you again for your many prayers for NOW Ministries!
Serving Together,
Toru Marshall
Founder/ President
NOW Ministries, Inc.

The Frueh Family – Ring The Bells Of Heaven

Dear Praying Friends,

After the morning service today, we sang “Ring the Bells of Heaven” as Livia, a worker at the nursing home we visit, trusted Christ. She was in tears, and happy that God had worked in her life that way. Pray that she would continue to take steps of faith and see victory in her life.

Please also continue to pray for Teca and Gyöngi, two ladies who were saved this year, that God would bring them back to church again, in spite of personal struggles in their lives. God is able! Joli speaks with them on a regular basis.

We had a good time with Heni and Ági at our home on Friday. Please continue to pray for God’s work in this family. Joli had a good English class with Klári and her husband, Győző. Győző still needs to be saved, but the class was a good opportunity for him to see that we are not a cult. One of Sarah’s English students, Melinda, asked this week if the Bible has made a difference in our church people’s attitude toward life. She is definitely thinking about spiritual things, so please pray she would respond to what God is trying to do in her life.

This Friday, Sarah and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with some of the other American missionaries here. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for!

You are an important part of our ministry!
Mike for the Fruehs

Salvation prayer list for this week:
      • Livia’s family (she was saved this morning)
      • Tamás (Ági’s father)      • Győző (Klári’s husband)


We all loaded Ricsi with birthday presents today

We all loaded Ricsi with birthday presents today

The children's class saying the Beatitudes

The children’s class saying the Beatitudes

Gedeon and Joli with Livia

Gedeon and Joli with Livia