April, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda

Prettyman Prayer Report

In just 10 days, we begin our journey from Twin Falls, Idaho to Uganda.  Will you join us in praying that the Lord would bring our support level from 85% to 100%?  Thank you for taking time to pray for us.

An Appeal for Prayer

I’m praying the Lord will help me to impress upon you just how much we need you, how much we depend on your prayers for success in Uganda.  I have asked myself, again and again, “How can I express this great need to them in a way that will connect? How can I make them feel just how desperate we are for their prayer help?”

I recently read a story from Lilias Trotter, a dear missionary to Algeria one hundred years ago.  One day, a supporting pillar in their compound unexpectedly cracked and collapsed into a pile of broken concrete.  They hired a man to fix the problem and to find out what had caused the structure to fail.  It was discovered that a baker had moved into the building next to theirs about seven years before the collapse.  Every day for seven years, he and a coworker kneaded their dough by swinging a large see-saw kind of machine.  This caused a slight vibration through the wall.  Seven years of this quiet but constant vibration next door caused the pillar to crumble.

Think about how this applies to your prayers.  Satan has set up his strongholds and is busy strengthening them in preparation for our coming.  Your prayers send spiritual vibrations, spiritual shock waves, that will quietly & gradually bring down Satan’s kingdom of darkness.  Consider the commitment of faith this will require  of you.  What Satan fears most is you resolving in your heart, “I am going to be that quiet and consistent prayer-vibration against the enemy.  I will pray as long as God gives me breath.  I will demonstrate an unwaivering faith that every prayer has its affect in destroying Satan’s strongholds.”

I am thoroughly convinced there is not a single mission or vision that cannot be accomplished if we have you consistently praying for us.  We will march forward in triumphant conquest, and the enemy will fall before every advance.  Great breakthroughs among unreached people will take place. A generation will be reached that will trickle down to the sweet, unloved children of Uganda.  Corrupt culture will be challenged and changed by a loving respect for the compassionate Creator.  Victories will be won over sin. The Word of God will be translated and distributed among people who have never read it.  Pastors will be raised up and trained to boldly bring revival to Uganda.  Think of all that God wants to do!

This month has been a busy one with packing and preparing.  The Lord has been so good in opening the door for us to sell our trailer.  Christine is wrapping up the school year with our children.  We are getting ready to leave our home church on April 25 and then leaving from Chicago on May 9 for Uganda.  We need your prayers for learning the tribal language.  Please pray also for Kerri Crider, a young lady from our church who will be traveling with us and helping out for a few weeks.  Pray for us to finish paper work and to find a good vehicle to buy once we arrive.  Also, please continue to pray that our support level reaches the goal. Above all, pray that we keep our focus on the reason God called us to go!

Please Pray

  • Health & Safety
  • Travel mercies
  • Finish paper work
  • Buying a vehicle
  • Language training
  • God’s Power
  • Full Support
Click on the picture to watch our last team trip to Uganda.