April-May, 2017 Update from the McClain Family

April to May 2017 Prayer Letter

Posted: 23 May 2017 08:19 AM PDT

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Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

First off, we want to thank every church that sent us special offerings, cards, and emails for Christmas, our birthdays, our anniversary, andfor encouragement. I thought I gave our thanks for these in our last prayer letter but I did not realize that I did not do this, until I already sent our prayer letter to the prayer letter service that we use. We are really sorry for this and want you to know that we do not take your sacrificial giving or your prayers for granted. We could not last here if it was not for your partnership with us in trying to reach the people here in Thailand with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In our last prayer letter, we told you that we helped in an English camp at a local school and we have been trying to follow up on the ones that expressed an interest in studying English with us. One of the intern teachers at the school is a Christian and she came to Wiang Ping BC several times and told us that a few of the teachers said they are afraid to come to the church building to learn English with us. Since then, this intern teacher has moved to another province and we have tried to connect her to a church there and another intern teacher is currently taking summer courses and said that he wants to start studying English with me once he is finished. So please pray with us thathe will in deed start studying English with us.

We are still continuing our evangelistic English classes and we have seen some students become more faithful in not only coming to the English classes but also coming to the church services with us on Sundays. Just a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday, three of the students asked for Bibles and we gladly gave each of them one. Then at our next English class, one of them told us that she has already started reading her Bible! We also thank the Lord for giving us wisdom at the right times. About two Sundays ago, when Evelyn took some of the English students home, she started talking to one of the mother’s of the students and another lady. The other lady’s daughter told her that she wanted to come to church with us but her mom told her that Christianity was wrong, then the Lord gave wisdom to Evelyn to respond by saying that if Christianity was wrong, then the Thai government would not let students study about it in the schools and all her daughter would be doing, would be learning more about Jesus Christ and Evelyn told these ladies that the church is not just for kids but it’s for everyone to come to. Please pray that we will see this family to atleast allow their daughter to come to church with us to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ and His love for her and her family and see the Lord work in their souls and see them be saved by His grace.Also pray as I have had two father’s of some of our English students tell me that they want to learn English during the morning time so I am trying to get things planned out to start a new English class for adults during the weekday mornings. Please pray with us because I will be contacting these two fathers this week to see if they will commit to coming to the classes and hope to start soon and see the Lord do a wonderful work in their lives.

We thank you so much for praying for the 2nd annual young peoples’ camp that we had from April 12-15. This year we doubled the number of people who went with us from the churches we are working with and also the overall number of people who came to the camp also almost doubled with almost 200 people attending this year from 14 different churches. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to be able to preach in this camp and for the 6 people who made professions of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for the 7 young people who came forward to surrender their lives to serve the Lord. Pray for the ones that may have rejected the working of the Lord in their souls that they will repent and seek the Lord and for the ones that surrendered their lives to serve the Lord that they will be faithful to allow the Lord to prepare them for His work.

We praise the Lord that the evangelistic website that a group of people have put together is now being tested and the bugs are being worked out etc. I hope to soon be learning how to put different campaigns together and start using these to focus on the areas around the churches and use these online Bible studies as another tool to help build the faith of the people who are already coming to the churches.

One of the problems with almost every church here in Thailand and around the world is the lack of faithful men. With this in mind and the promises of our Lord, I have started helping Pastor Srithone and Wiang Ping Baptist Church with a new ministry that has just been started called Samuel’s house. Our vision and prayer is that the 4 young guys that have came will allow the Lord to work in their souls and will receive Biblical instruction and guidance in how to live a life that is well pleasing to the Lord. Pray that each of us involved will have wisdom in instructing and guiding these young men, that the Lord will give us one or two dedicated Thai families to help us with this ministry, and that the church members will take more of a part in the various routine things that need to be taken care of in the churchesand some will also get involved in this new ministry.

Just this past week we have seen some fruit from all our prayers and one of the newspaper ministries. A Thai lady that has been a monk for 20 years was visiting Chiang Mai and read one of the newspaper Bible articles. Then she called Pastor Srithone and he talked with her several times and she made a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She was heading to southern Thailand to continue being a monk down there but since she made a profession of faith, Pastor Srithone asked her if you have received Jesus Christ as your Saviour, thenwhat benefit is it to go to southern Thailand. And instead of going to southern Thailand, think about coming to our church in Lampang and study the Bible. Praise the Lord she arrived at Lanna Baptist Church in Lampang at 3 AM Saturday morning and has started studying the Bible with Apisit and his wife in Lampang. This is all interesting as just last week, when I was teaching Apisit and his family, we started talking about his and his son’s times of being in the monkhood and Apisit’s time of going on a pilgrimage into the forest for 2 years. Plus during our prayer meetings at Wiang Ping Baptist Church, we regularly pray for the leaders and workers in the various religions here and around the world that they would get hungry and seek for the truths of this life and eternity which are found in the Word of God, which is the Bible. Please continue to pray with us that we will see more people responding to the working of the Lord in their souls.

Please remember that if your church or sunday school class wants to learn more about our ministry here, then please send us yourquestions and I will make a simple web cam video answering those questions and will email you the link to download the video to show your church or sunday school class.

For the Millions of Untold Souls in Thailand,

Brian, Evelyn, Ruth, and Rachel McClain

Update to Matson Prayer Request (05/19/17)

Dear Friends,

How your emails encouraged me, and now I can read them to Jerry, for we just got home from the hospital!!  Praise the Lord, the TEE went well – no clots, so the heart was zapped back into normal rhythm one time – and it worked!

This morning  my reading included Psalm 139.  The Lord again brought such comfort.  HE has made our bodies, so fearfully and wonderfully, and HE knows all about them, even before we were conceived.  The last two verses were especially precious.  “Search me, O God, and know my heart,” – the doctor searched Jerry’s heart but not with the eyes of God – “and see if there be any wicked way in me,” – any blood clots would have been wicked in this case, but how much more so is sin that lurks within us – “and lead me in the way everlasting.”  What a wonderful Creator and Shepherd we have!!!

It seemed very familiar to us at the hospital.  The X-ray technician yesterday was from Ecuador, the nurse last night from a Puerto Rican family, the nurse today was Chinese (and she gave us her address to send her a Chinese Bible), the doctor, and another nurse were from India, the anesthesiologist from Greece, and another doctor from the Philippines. We were right at home with international friends!

Do continue to pray for Jerry.  The cardiologist says the surgery can go on as scheduled, but I am concerned that his platelet count is lower yet – 92.  He is being put on a blood thinner and beta blocker.  My main duty tonight is to keep him from going up and down the stairs.  I keep telling him that he has been sedated and must rest.  And should I tell the moon not to shine?

Thank you beloved brethren, for your love and prayers.

In Christ,