Matson Update-Mid-week report on Jerry

Dear Praying Friends,

I have not sent out an update for a few days because there was not much new to report.  He has been in rehab for 7 days now, and there has been a good bit of improvement.  Certainly his mind has cleared, but his body is still weak.  They will not allow him to get out of the bed or the chair without an employee of rehab assisting him.  I got into trouble for helping him one time.  This necessitates waiting too long for help sometimes.  On Sunday his call bell was not working, so that was a hard day when I was not there to get help for him.  Monday night our son Paul drove us back to the hospital for a CT Scan.  (We got him out of the car by ourselves there!)  Today, our daughter Marci, and son-in-law Glenn brought us back there for a doctor’s appointment, and to remove his 34 staples.  We learned the CT Scan was good except it showed the aneurysm has grown yet larger, making it very necessary to have the endograph surgery as quickly as possible.  He has another appointment on July 10th at which time they will probably schedule that next surgery.  I could tell you some aggravations about his care in recovery, but that is not profitable.  In general, he has had very good care, along with physical therapy.  He still has retained a lot of fluid, though that has improved too.

We always want things to improve quickly, don’t we?  Although it has only been 19 days since surgery, it seems like years.  The Lord is longsuffering with us, and we thank HIM profusely.  Of course we thank you all for your love and concern.

In HIS grace,

June, 2017 Matson Another update on Jerry

Dearly beloved friends,

I just wanted to give you an update before the Lord’s Day tomorrow. Jerry has been in rehab for four days now, and he is definitely improving.  He cannot quite get up from a chair yet, and it is even more difficult from the bed without help.  However he walked quite a distance today with the walker.  I see him strengthening more each day.  He takes lots of naps though.  Those 11 days in a hospital bed really zapped the strength of his muscles.  The 34 staples will not be removed until next Wednesday!  Two days after that he can take a real shower – and believe me, that will be happy day for him.  Monday night we have to transport him back to the hospital for a Cat Scan.  Our son, Paul will be my help then, and Marci and Glenn will be there for the trip to the doctor’s office on Wednesday.  He has been blessed by many visits from our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and even nephew from Atlanta!  Other friends have come to encourage him also. His appetite is quite small, but he seems to be eating better each day also.  I trust this short report will cause thanksgiving to our Lord!

Jerry’s wife is beyond tired, but I am given grace sufficient for each day.
In the Love of Christ,

PS: VBS was not as well attended as we would have liked, but we know very well that God uses His Word for His purposes.  Blake’s parents will be returning to Florida now.  They have been a great blessing!

June, 2017 Matson Update for the 20th and 21st

I wrote the following last night and could not get it to send!  I pray
it will go out now.  Jerry was worn out from the therapy he did today.
His body is so full of edema, but he wants to get better, and is trying
hard to do all that he is told.

After 12 days in the hospital, Jerry is now in rehab!  I was so
delighted when I got to the hospital this morning to hear that my choice
of a facility had a bed open today!  It wasn’t supposed to be open until
tomorrow, which would have been too late.  When the hospital decides to
discharge, it is time to go! I asked the Lord to provide this place, but
realized it was not likely it would happen.  This was one of those
exceeding abundantly above answers to prayer!  He is in an upscale, high
rise, retirement complex named Harbor’s Edge.  Is that name not an
appropriate place for him?  The second floor is devoted to rehab.  His
room looks more like a motel room than a rehab place.  Outside his big
window is the view of a beautifully landscaped courtyard.  His dinner
was good too!  The blessing for me is that it is just over two miles
from home!

Our eldest daughter and husband kindly helped me transport him there. It
was only a few blocks from the hospital, but Medicare does not pay for a
transport, and I did not feel it was worth $300 to pay them!  So it was
a bit more difficult for Jerry to get in and out of the car, but he was
a trooper.  By the way, he cannot get out of a chair or a bed on his
own, nor has he walked but a few steps, and only with a walker.  I
believe that will change quickly when he gets the needed therapy.  I
found out they have been giving him Lipitor in the hospital!  He
absolutely cannot tolerate statin drugs.  They give him terrible muscle
pain.  No wonder he is so weak.  Thank the Lord this just “happened” to
be caught by me.

One more blessing – I was told the hospital would cover the total cost
of replacing Jerry’s lost glasses!  One of our supporting churches would
have done so, had the hospital not come through for us.  All of these
things are certainly mercies from God.  Is He also merciful when the
blessings are not apparent?  Absolutely, and we must praise Him no
matter what He does, or does not do for us.

Blake and his visiting family are holding a mini VBS Thursday, Friday
and Saturday.  Would you pray that children will come to hear the old,
old story of Jesus and His love, and that their parents would come on
Sunday too for a closing program?

In His grace and mercy,