August, 2017 Prettyman Uganda Report

Your Prayers

Once again this morning, about 20 men met in our prayer room for fervent prayer.  It has been this way since the meetings began!  I wish you could join us just one time.  Your prayers at home in agreement with our prayers here have been the key to open doors.  Let me share with you what our Almighty God has done this week.  By His perfect timing and His complete working, this has been a harvest week!

On Wednesday, we preached the Gospel for the fourth time in Kennedy’s village.  The sweet Spirit of God brought such wonderful conviction and eyes were opened to truth.  Four made public their decision to turn from religion and place their faith fully in Christ.  I believe there were more, but four met with Dickson after to receive verses of assurance.

On Thursday, Patrick and I arrived in his village and found over 30 had gathered!  This Bible study went from 3 to 10 to 20 to over 30.  There were seven adults present, and a few listening secretly from their huts!  We have been patiently preaching the Gospel and waiting for the Spirit of Truth to do the work He promised in John 16.  He did it!  There were three that accepted Christ as their Savior!  It was truly glorious!

At the very end of our lesson, I watched Fosca’s (Patrick’s wife) face reveal a softness and openness to the Gospel.  I would have to wait a full day to discover the end of what I was seeing.  That night, Patrick was praying around midnight while Fosca slept.  She awoke to the sound of his prayers and listened.  She began to think of what she had heard, and the testimony her husband held before her for so long.  She also told Patrick that she began to realize that religion was something man added, and that Jesus came to save sinners not help religious people.  She also mentioned that she saw how religion did not change people’s lives.  PRAISE GOD, she then accepted Christ as her Savior!  At midnight!!!  Thank you for praying!  Patrick says that she has been a different person since!  Wish you could have seen his face!
Henry, Herbert, Isaiah, and I headed down to Omoo yesterday with great expectations.  Both Henry and I were feeling a little sick, but we were confident that God had been drawing these young ones to Himself.  We focused our confidence on the Words of our Lord, “Except ye become as a little child…”  We have been carefully explaining the Gospel now for months and sensed it was God’s time for a harvest.  After the message, Henry asked those who desired to turn to Christ alone for their salvation to stay behind, while the others took their candy and left.  Seventeen of the 60 present remained behind.  Isaiah and I stepped outside to keep things quiet and to pray for God’s power.  Henry took about 20 minutes with them, and all of them trusted Christ as their Savior!

While we are praising the Lord, we also realize the enemy is already moving to discourage this great work.  Patrick also mentioned that parents are speaking out against what happened in his village, and the priests are beginning to threaten the people with very real threats.  We desperately need your prayers for these little soldiers.  We also need great wisdom about what we are to do in our next step as we follow the Gospel Advance.

One last request: we went into Noah and Benard’s village (Jiya) for our second time of preaching.  It was evident that God was moving, but the spirit of fear and bondage prevailed.  I believe we shall see much fruit from this village.  One of the great battles we face is this: after many turn from religion to Christ, they are faced with the great challenge of being cast out of the religious community.  This may not seem like a big deal, but it really is.  Pray for God’s wisdom that we will know how to move forward and establish churches in each village.  The answer to the many problems that arise is a church.  The believers of the 1st Century had the same difficulty, and they worked together.

I am leaving you with a very short (I promise, 3 minutes) video that Noah and I put together of a beautiful spot we “discovered” on our compound.  The sound of the water alone brings such peace and rest.  I know you’ll enjoy it.  Just click the picture below.

In the Name of the King!

Phil and Christine

Crystal Falls
Please Pray

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August, 2017 Update from the McClain Family

June to August 2017 Prayer Letter

Posted: 21 Aug 2017 03:53 AM PDT

Click to download the Mcclain Family June to August Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

As I think about the last two and a half months I think of the parable of the sower. The seed was sown into the souls of the hearers but only one-fourth of the hearers received the Word of God and allowed His Word tobring forth fruit in their lives. In our last prayer letter we wrote about several people who seemed to be open to hear the Word of the Lord butfor some of them as soon as they were open to hear, satan immediately started working to keep them from hearing the Word of God. For others satan allowed them to hear the Word of God but used society and fear to get them away from the Word of God. For instance we told you about the lady monk that read one of the newspaper Gospel articles, made a profession of faith, and came to study the Bible at Lanna BC. But not long after she came, she became sick because she did not take her regular medicines so Apisit and his wife took her to the doctor and that is when society and fear began working on her and not long after that she decided to go back to the temple she lived at. Apisit’s wife followedup with her and she said she was going to get her medicines and once she got better, she would come back and study the Bible but so far she has not come back. We know if she really did receive Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour that the Holy Spirit is showing her that she is going in the wrong direction and we are praying that she will decide to follow Christ no matter what she may face.

Another instance is with three adults that have told me that they want to study English with me. I have contacted them several times and told them the times that I currently teach and that I also had a few people say that they wanted to study English in the mornings so I want to know what day and morning is good for them to come learn and we will form another class but some have said they will be freed up in a couple moremonths and others have not really responded. In my English classes I try to get the students to start talking and sometimes the conversations become discussions about various Bible truths but if no one talks or the conversation dies down, then we start looking at the Creation to Christ Bible study that I am using. Just this past Saturday one of the adult students asked why do Americans make so many movies about the end of the world, so we discussed several Bible truths like because the Bible is accurate when it speaks about history, science, or a geographical place, it makes sense to trust what the Bible says about what is going to happen at the end of the world. But before the end of the world comes,Jesus Christ is going to call all the true Christians to go be with Him in Heaven and then some of the things you hear about the end of the world will happen to all the people left in the world. And you could feel and see that this really got them thinking. So please pray as we are taking these opportunities and trying to teach them Bible truths to open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another instance is the owner of the room we were using to teach English in one community decided for us to stop teaching English there because he is going to rent the room out. We have tried to get the students that were coming there to start coming to the church and we will continue teaching English at the same times but because it’s at the church their parents do not want them to come or are scared to let them come. But we do praise the Lord that one girl who was studying English with us in this community has continued to regularly come to church on Sundays. Please continue to pray as we are still trying to followup on these students and contacts and are still teaching our evangelistic English classes.

In our last prayer letter we told you about Samuel’s house leadership and Bible training school that we have helped Pastor Srithone and Wiang Ping BC start. We ended up with five guys but sadly one of them would not allow us to help him develop his life so we had to send him home. Then last week we had to talk again to another guy about his life and he choose to go back home but we told him that we are not kicking him out of the school and if he decides to come back that we are willing to allow him to come back as long as he is willing to develop his life by the truths of the Word of God. Please pray for him because his flesh is battling against the working of the Holy Ghost in his life and he has to make the decision about which one he is going to follow. We are sincerely praying that he decides to come back and purposes in his soul to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Then last night I took another guy home that has been asking to be able to spend sometime back home and he said he will be coming back today. I was able to make him the last person I took home from church and I tried to stress to him the importance of not destroying what the Lord has been doing in his life. So please pray along with us that each of these guys will let the Lord mold and make them into one of His servants.

Two weeks ago a fellow missionary and myself went over the responses that he has received from his evangelistic websites and we are working on trying to followup and get some feedback from the people who have responded and adjust somethings to try and get more people to finish the Bible studies because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. We are praying to be able to communicate with them, answer any questions that they may have, and lead them to Christ. So please pray for this followup and that I can get my parts finished soon so he can get them online and we can see how these changes work out and hopefully see more people follow through with studying these Bible studies.

Please remember that if your church or sunday school class has any questions about our ministry here, then please send us your questions and I will make a simple web cam video answering those questions and will email you a link to download the video to show your church orsunday school class.

For the Millions of Untold Souls in Thailand,

Brian, Evelyn, Ruth, and Rachel McClain

August, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Dickson’s Miracle

God has been so gracious in giving us a wonderful week.  You are such a blessing to us in your prayers.  I know you share with us in rejoicing in the exceeding goodness of our Great GOD.  I want to start with telling you about Dickson’s miracle.  Dickson is my right-hand-man in daily operations.  He’s a great blessing!  He’s been praying for his sister’s salvation, and witnessing to her since 2014.  Just this week, she called him from the hospital as she prepared to deliver her baby.  She pleaded with him to come to the hospital right away.  When he arrived, she said, “I want to trust Christ as my Savior now.”  Dickson, taken off guard, asked, “Are you just doing this because you are in pain?”  (I know mother’s reading this will get a kick out of that one!)  She said, “No, I just want to make this decision right now.”  Right there she trusted the Lord!  A day later, she gave birth to a healthy baby!
Two of our believers, Noah and Benard, have a great burden for their clan in the village of Jiya.  We drove to their village, hiked up to their clan, and set up for preaching.  Around 15 came to hear the Gospel.  There was a deep sense of conviction present.  Please pray for our second meeting this coming Tuesday.  We will go head-on with truth about a works-free salvation.  This is the true battle.  All they know is the Anglican church and a works-based salvation.  For them to convert to true Christianity means being cut out of the religious life of the community.  Christ died to win these ones to Himself.

We made our second trip to Kennedy’s village.  There was a good group that met us.  My oldest son Noah had a great time riding on the motor cycle through the African Savanna.  We preached primarily on the bad news of our sinful condition.  I wish you could have been sitting among us as they listened intently to every word.  We used a large banner to explain the truth in simple terms.  Will you please pray especially for Kennedy’s parents.  They are under clear conviction, and we’re waiting for the Spirit of God to finish this work.

You will remember that last week Patrick’s wife was not available for the Bible study, so we had a study with the ten children that showed up.  True to their word, the children were waiting for us when Patrick and I showed up 45 minutes late on our bicycles.  This time, we had over 20!  We also had another lady join the study.  When I left, this woman told Patrick, “I am believing the words this man is bringing.”  Patrick said that his wife is beginning to ask questions and seems open.  Please, please pray Fosca’s salvation through to the end!  There was another lady listening from her hut who could hear Patrick translating (he has a big voice!).  She also told him, “I’m listening and I believe these words are true.”  They are watching their Catholic priest closely, and he has a bad reputation with several women.  God is breaking through in this village!

I had such a great time with Dickson on Friday teaching the people of Gospel Power Baptist Church how to use the soul-winning chart we developed.  When we began, there were only about 3 present, but before long every chair was filled!  God breathed faith into these people of how He can use them to share the Gospel.  I really enjoyed working with Dickson as we tag-teamed this effort.  Pray for them that they will love the Lord enough to obey Him in sharing the Gospel.  He is worthy!

While we were in Ejupala with Pastor Morris, Henry took Fred and Herbert to Omoo for the Firday service.  They had over 75 people that showed up!  That’s twice as much as I’ve seen.  I told Henry that I need to miss more of their meetings!  God did a wonderful work during their service as they preached the Gospel.


Pastor Ben took a few of the soul-winners to visit a family that recently visited our church.  It is well known that the father of this large family is the area witch doctor.  He permitted his wife and children to “go to church and receive their truth if you like.”  Two of the daughters were recently saved at the end of a church service.  Pastor Ben was visiting to witness to the wife.  Our worker, Sunday, opened the Gospel Chart and began reading the verses and explaining.  He was having some difficulty reading, so the lady took the book from him and began reading it and asking questions herself.  During this time, the father came in and listened as they continued with the Gospel.  That day, this dear woman accepted Christ as her Savior right before her husband!  During a following visit, three more of the children trusted Christ, bringing the total to 5 children saved.  Pastor Ben had a great conversation with the father.  He says that he is wanting to turn to Christ now.  He has promised to be at church tomorrow!!!  Please pray for this man’s salvation.

There were also three other soul-winning teams that went out today.  I went out with Henry and Jerod.  We began witnessing to two men sitting in front of an alcohol business.  I sensed God was working, as 5 more joined in to hear Henry explain the Gospel.  A drunk man stumbled up and began making distractions.  Everyone mocked the dizzy man as he lost balance and smashed face first into the pavement.  I took him aside and quoted John 3:16 in Lugbara until he fell asleep.  What a weird experience!  Anyway, it opened the door for Henry to continue preaching!  I gave my testimony, and one of the men trusted Christ.  I love to tell the story!

In closing, we want to just thank you for what your prayers are making possible.  Our God is so gracious to hear our cry and to move on our behalf.  I always want to be careful to balance this thought of His working.  I don’t want to sound surpised, because we KNOW that He works this way.  But I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because we are so undeserving.  I guess what I’m trying to say is . . . TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Because I know there are two sets of grandparents out there who are reading this report, I thought I’d end with a picture of their granddaughter, Selah, working alongside our househelper, Paska.

Grateful for You,


Please Pray

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