September, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda

Prettyman Prayer Report

Report on Village Outreaches

What a joy to serve the One Who knows nothing but Victory!  We are rejoicing with you over the great things He has done this last week. We finally saw some breakthroughs in the village of Jiya.  Benard’s father (Philip) attended and indicated at the end of the service that his faith was in Christ alone.  This was news to Benard, and he is hopeful that his father has turned from the Anglican religion to Christ.  Please pray for this one.  There was also one young man that placed his faith in Christ!  We had very good groups both here (around 75) and at Noah’s village (around 50).
After these two services, we went to proclaim the truth to Noah’s father who is very old, very lost, and very sick.  Noah does not believe he has much time to live.  Over 10 gathered around as I opened the Scriptures and began to explain the importance of preparing for eternity.  There was a very sober spirit as we explained each passage in the Bible that warns man of the consequences of dying in sin.  As you can imagine, Noah is burdened to see his mother and father come to Christ before they die.  Will you lift up these two in prayer?
Our blessed Savior and Friend, the Lord Jesus Christ, has been gracious with so many new converts.  At Kennedy’s village (pictured below), there were seven once again for discipleship.  We have had more come to Christ in Omoo, so there were 12 new Christians in the discipleship class.  It has been a joy to watch Dickson, Henry, and Patrick discipling these new converts!  We are using a material that is easy to reproduce and simple for Christians to use as they teach others.

I hope you will continue to pray for us as there is a growing burden to plant churches in these villages where we have converts.  Most of them are on the discipleship lesson of following the Lord in baptism.  So obviously the next step is to baptize them. During our recent prayer meeting on Saturday, Kennedy prayed that the Lord would provide a way for whole families to worship in church together.  He rides his bike about 10 miles to get to church.  Although that works for him, his wife and children are left at home.  On Sundays, they hear the sounds of the Anglicans and Catholics going through their religious routines, while they can only sit at home.

Please pray that God will raise up some men to pastor these churches.  I am particularly burdened about Kennedy’s village (which I will not even try to spell), Omoo, and Jiya.  All of them need a church!

One last thing.  While we were on deputation, we were blessed to meet so many wonderful children who expressed a burden to pray for us.  During our video presentation, I always looked forward to the part that showed bugs from Uganda, because I knew I would hear lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the boys especially.  So I decided to put together a short video of some great bugs in Uganda!  I hope to communicate to youngsters just how thrilling and adventurous it is to serve the Lord.  Maybe, just maybe, there will even be an adult or two out there that shares our love for “life in the undergrowth.”
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