November, 2017 Update from the McClain Family

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

We sincerely thank you so much for praying for us and the work of our Lord Jesus Christ that we are trying to do here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In our last prayer letter we told you about the working of satan, demons, and society working to keep people from hearing the Word of God or to get them away from the Word of God. Even though most of the people I mentioned have not given time to hear the Word of God and others have stayed away from hearing the Word of God, a few have came to hear the Word of God. One is a girl that was studying English with us in her neighborhood. We thank the Lord she started coming to church with us and is also coming to the English classes at the church. She has helped in getting some of the other students that were studying English with us to come back to the church also. Then about three weeks ago while talking to my wife at our house, she made a profession of faith. Please pray for this girl that she will grow in her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the others from her neighborhood that are also coming to church, that they will decide to be saved and allow the Lord to use their lives for His glory.

In our last prayer letter, we told you that along with sending one of the guy’s in Samuel’s house leadership and Bible training school back home because he was not open to developing his life, we also had to talk again to another guy about his life and he choose to go back home but praise the Lord, he choose to come back to the school and we are continually working with him and the other 4 guys in the school. Please pray for the 5 guys currently in the school because some of them are realizing that they are going to have to choose to follow the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives or follow their flesh and the world. We know that they individually have to sincerely make this decision for themselves and purpose to follow the Lord by choosing to obey His Word in every area in their lives. One need that we have with the school is for the Lord to give us a growing and dedicated Thai Christian man or family to come help Pastor Srithone and I with the school. Please continue to pray with us that each of these guys will let the Lord mold and make them into one of His servants and that the Lord will give us a Thai worker to help with the school.

In our last prayer letter we mentioned about us starting to work with another fellow missionary in trying to adjust things with his evangelistic websites in hopes of seeing more people get further in the online and offline Bible studies and hopefully see more people actually finish the Bible studies. So far I have finished adjusting half of one Bible study series and soon will be testing it out to see if these adjustments work or not. I am also trying to get the Christians in the churches to help me plan out an online page where we will be dealing with everyday life situations from a Biblical perspective. Please pray as we have faced some hindrances in trying to get these things accomplished for example the missionary I am working with has been battling some very intense physical problems with a bone spur in his neck pinching a nerve and causing him severe pain. He is currently trying to find out which is the best way to try and solve this problem, so please pray for him and his family.

We are still working with Pastor Srithone in training Apisit and his wife and we praise the Lord for their growth in the Lord! The Lord is currently using them in leading most of the ministry of Lanna Baptist Church in Lampang and Apisit will be come the pastor of the church within the next year.

Please remember to pray for our upcoming Christmas celebrations at all three churches on December 16, 22, and 24. We are praying to not just see many people come but praying that the lost will hear and understand the Gospel and be saved, and the saved will rejoice about God keeping His promise to send the Saviour to redeem all mankind from our sins.

Please remember that if your church or sunday school class has any questions about our ministry here, then please send us your questions and I will make a simple web cam video answering those questions and will email you a link to download the video to show your church or sunday school class.

For the Millions of Untold Souls in Thailand,

Brian, Evelyn, Ruth, and Rachel McClain

November, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda

Prettyman Prayer Report

Our First Sunday in Jiya!

We left for Jiya this morning at 8:00, first driving the van as far as the road would permit, and then finishing our journey on foot.  We were excited, but had no idea what would happen.  Would the people chicken out?  Would anyone show up?  Would the pressure of the Anglican church be too much for these new believers?

What a blessing to see over 10 come for this first service!!!  Our meeting was a simple place; our order of service was simple; our singing was simple; but the sweet presence of Christ was made known in such a special way today.  Benard, his father Philip, Noah, and I began by praying together, dedicating this work to God’s grace and pleading with Him for mercy.

After a little while, people began to show up.  We even had an expectant dog and a few chickens moving about, wondering what this new event could be.  The chairs were all set up and ready to go.  Then the people began to come.  We took time to explain that what makes church so wonderful, even when it is so simple, is the presence of Jesus in our midst.  Even if there are only two or three, He has promised to meet with us.  We encouraged them to quiet their heart and expect the Lord to make His sweet presence known as we sing, worship, and study God’s Word.
God blessed the preaching in such a special way.  All of us had such a wonderful sense of God’s presence during the preaching.  The truth was coming out clearly, the translator was able to communicate well, and it was clear that the truth was being received.  It was a great first service!

We ended with a time of receiving prayer requests and praying for the things burdening some of the individuals.  One of the main requests brought out during this time was that God would deliver us from a spirit of fear.  That request seemed to resonate with reality among the people.  Next week will be a similar set up, but we are planning to move to small study groups for a SundaySchool setting very soon.  We want to get them obeying what they learn right away, and the small groups tend to help with accountability.  If they are to know the manifest presence of Christ, they will have to obey!  So declares John 14.  Will you pray that many of them will take the step of obedience in baptism?  It’s a very difficult step for them in this culture.

We ended our sermon with the story behind the song “I have decided to follow Jesus,” and reminded them that there would be a price to pay if they wanted to continue to follow Christ.  However, according to Luke 10, the rewards are great!

  • Joy
  • Power over the enemy
  • Assurance of Salvation
  • Making Christ glad
  • Deeper understanding of truth
Thank you so much for praying for this little beginning.  Next Sunday, Noah and Benard will take the service completely.  It is good for them right away not to expect “the white guy” (Muzungu) to be in charge of things.  I will be heading out next week with Dickson to begin the first Sunday in Kennedy’s village, Edobo!  Great things are happening because we serve a great God!

In the Name of the King!

Phil and Christine

Please Pray

  • Ma’di Translation
  • Beginning of Bible College
  • Walaba/Jiya, Edobo, Omoo
  • Philip’s leadership
  • Nicolas
  • Wilson
  • Witch doctor (Lino)
  • New converts

November, 2017 Update from the Rojas Family

Rojas Family
Planting Baptist Churches in Costa Rica
Guillermo, Silvia, Josué and Susana

Heredia, Costa Rica, November 2017

Dear Co-laborers and Praying Friends,

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.”  Proverbs 16:3
How marvelous to know that when we place everything in God’s hands, he will confirm our thoughts through his word!
There is no greater privilege to be able to participate in God’s work by praying, giving, and going to those that are lost with the glorious gospel of salvation!  Thank you for your support and prayers for us here in Costa Rica.
In our efforts to reach the lost, we are going to begin having meetings in the homes of the brethren that they might invite their neighbors, work companions and friends to come and hear the gospel.  Usually, it is easier to come to a home rather than to a formal church service.  Our purpose is to preach to them, and for those that accept the Lord, give them follow-up courses, and of course bring them to church.  Please pray that God would work in the hearts of all those that will be invited.
Please help us pray for Diana Alvarez, who began recently attending our church.  Her mother, Sandra, is currently being hospitalized and is in intensive care for serious problems with diabetes and other ailments.  Diana had been praying for her father to come to know the Lord.  Through God’s grace he came to church last week.  Glory to God!

In the Burial de Piedades Sur we are praying that God would give us a complete family of believers in order to be able to start a work in their home.  We have many contacts and are praying that God would work in their hearts to where they would see their need of salvation.

On October 16, my mother Teresa suffered a cerebellar infarction (stroke). After being in the hospital for a week, the hospital released her to us to be cared for in mi sister`s house. The doctors said that she would be bedridden until she would finally succumbed. However, she has improved much physically in that she can feed herself, even though with difficulty, and she can walk a little when helped. But we know that the damage in her brain is permanent. Please pray that God will accomplish his holy will.
Right about that same time, we received notice that my mother-in low (Rosa) had suffered from a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. After many tests, the doctors determined that it was not a heart attack, but just an out-of-control spike in her blood pressure. She is now under new treatment for her hypertension and has recovered quite well.
We have been very busy, but trusting always in the Lord and in the power of his might. We can sense the power of your prayers on us.

Thank you for your love, prayers and financial support.
Your Servant:
Missionary Guillermo Rojas
GPA Costa Rica