November, 2017 Prettyman Update on Kennedy and Edobo

I’m rejoicing to send you a message of God’s faithful answers to prayer.  Thank you so much for carrying this burden with us!  I can’t tell you what a blessing it is that God uses crisis to knit us together more tightly.

Here’s what’s happening.  Kennedy and Sharon were kicked off the property and are staying with us for a very temporary time.  We have already met with the local counsel (LC1) and have even been given permission to buy land.  We’ve got our eye on a piece of land that will be perfect.  On Sunday, a team of three went to the village to preach.  God moved in a great way and two young men accepted Christ as their Savior.  It was such an encouragement to all involved.

Kennedy’s father Nicholas was still in a tirade, ranting and raving, but then something changed.  He told Kennedy that the church could meet for two more weeks on the property; then it would have to find a different location.  He told his family, “If I say anything else bad about the new church being started, God will kill me.”  Wow!  Not sure what to make of that.  Sounds like God is moving though!!!

A great resolve is forming in this fledgling group that they will follow Jesus no matter what it costs.  The two brothers of Kennedy, Dennis and Ishmael, have also come to a strong decision to follow Christ.  This is a great way to begin this church.  Our next goal is to get Kennedy back in Edobo on his own land with his own house.  Also, we are planning on baptizing the new believers in the next week or two.  Please continue in prayer for this battle.  It’s clear that God is preparing to do something wonderful!

  • Kennedy
  • Sharon
  • Ishmael (brother)
  • Dennis (brother)
  • Kennedy’s mother (doesn’t want to lose her grandchildren!!!)
  • Luke
  • Other young believers
The Lord’s timing during these events has been so amazing.  I had already agreed to officiate in a wedding in Adjumani, some 6 hours north of here, over the weekend.  I was not here during much of what transpired, so God used it to raise up some wonderful leaders.  They are looking to Jesus, not me!

I had the opportunity to drive through 5 of the other districts in the West Nile Region.  While there, I met with about 10 pastors and shared with them the vision for the Bible College that will start in 2019.  There was some silence, and then tears.  They began to give testimony of how they had been praying for such a ministry to begin, and were thrilled that they could send their young men to train for church planting.  There was a discernable fire burning in their hearts that spoke of an unfulfilled passion to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

I left there with renewed vision concerning God’s ability to empower us to fulfill His command in this generation: “Preach the Gospel . . . to every creature.”  The two men that I took with me received the same clarity and purpose.  Our times of prayer and discussion were so anointed and full of such spiritual freedom that we knew the Lord was granting us a sense of His guidance.

We arrived home safely yesterday, and a team of six made our way to Jiya and Wallaba.  We preached the Gospel to nearly 200 children and several adults.  God moved in great ways.  After nearly 10 weeks of preaching to these children, some of them were ready to place their faith in Christ as helpless sinners.

A team of leaders are meeting each Tuesday night to pray about the church planting going on.  Our meeting tonight went very well.  Please pray the Lord will continue to give us agreement.  Thank you for being a vital part of all these concerns.

In the Name of the King!

Phil and Christine

Please Pray

  • Ma’di Translation
  • Beginning of Bible College
  • Walaba/Jiya, Edobo, Omoo
  • Philip’s leadership
  • Nicolas
  • Wilson
  • Witch doctor (Lino)
  • New converts