August, 2017 Update from the Quinlan Family

Thank you, Pastor Campbell,

for all of your and the churches prayers for us.  Sean and I were talking just the other day about the threats that were made.  He was expressing to me that Guam already has a defense system in place.  While we are grateful that our military are here on the island and that they are trained to handle these threats, we serve a great God who  will take care of us.
One thing that was really exciting here at the church has been our VBS.  WOW!  We had 70 children on our first night.  We met at least 5 new couples with children.  We had at least 5 professions of faith in our Lord.  How blessed we are! I have attached a couple of pictures from our VBS week.
We have visitation coming up this weekend and a church fellowship after the evening service.
Please thank the church for praying for us, our family and the safety of Guam.  Please pray for the eyes of the people to be opened to the Gospel.
Thank you all,
The Quinlan Family

August, 2017 Update from the Rojas Family

Rojas Family
Planting Baptist Churches in Costa Rica
Guillermo, Silvia, Josué and Susana

Heredia, Costa Rica, August, 2017

Dear Co-laborers and Praying Friends,

“A faithful man shall abound with blessings,” – Proverbs 28:20

How merciful God is to always shower us with blessings according to his grace.  We are thankful to God for his care, protection and blessing given to us.

Thank you all for your valuable prayers and financial support.

We continue to work faithfully in soul winning, follow-up work and teaching here at the church in Heredia.  We praise the Lord for the baptism of Wilber Diaz and his wife Maricela.  It’s marvelous to see the fruit of the discipleship course in people’s lives.
Please help us pray for the people close by the church who are hardened to the gospel, some who are fanatical Catholics, others who are very materialistic, and others who are simply apathetic.  But we know that our God has the power to touch those hearts and open to us the doors to preach the gospel which is “the power of God unto salvation.”

There are several people whom the brethren have won to Christ for whom we are praying that will begin to attend church and receive the follow-up course:  Will, Frank, Marlon, Carolina, and Alejandro.

In the area of Piedades Sur we have a small house where we stay when we go there to visit and pass out tracts.  Sad to say, in the last week of July thieves made a hole in the wall and robbed us of nearly everything in the kitchen, including a new stove that we had recently purchased.  Thank God that they are only material things that can be replaced.  God is good and is in control of everything, and that “all things work together for good.”  We know that in his time he will provide.
Please continue to pray for the people in this area, especially for the salvation of:  Efrain and Flor Rodriguez, Edwin and Denia Gonzalez, Luis and Mariangela Salas, Estelia Alvarado, Emilio, Jose, Eladio, Naaman, Carlos, Olga, Marvin, Naomi, and Martin.

Thank you for your love, prayers and financial support.
Your Servant:
Missionary Guillermo Rojas
GPA Costa Rica

August, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

The Week in Review

Your prayers have meant so much to us this week.  We can’t thank you enough.  On Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet with three district officials and share our passion for Christ and the Gospel with them.  I asked each of them to read the Gospel presentation that we made in the Lugbara language and believe a small seed was planted during that time.

On Wednesday, a few of us traveled through the rain to Kennedy’s house and had a wonderful discipleship lesson on eternal security.  Many others gathered in their little hut and heard the Gospel.  Kennedy’s unsaved mother was one of them.  At the end, the rain finally stopped, and we set up a large banner with the Gospel chart.  We invited them to come next week to hear.  Many of them said they would come and bring friends.

On Thursday, I biked with Patrick to his house for our Bible study with his wife, only to find that she was at the market.  In her place, ten precious children showed up and we gave the first part of the Gospel message to them.  Some of the older ones really seemed to understand and have promised to come again next week.  Pray for light to break through for them.  Pray also for Patrick.  I encouraged him to have the Bible study with just him and Foska.

On Friday, it was raining as we walked into the village of Omoo.  We were not expecting a very good group but ended up with around 25.  We have been faithfully preaching the Gospel to these children and have sensed mounting conviction.  God moved in a wonderful way during this service and 4 children turned from religion to trust the Lamb of God!  It was really wonderful!

Today, around 15 of us went out to witness in various public places.  I had the opportunity to go with Henry, Jerod, and Sunday.  Henry witnessed to two boys and a few young ladies.  The boys showed interest in the Gospel.  One of them, William, mentioned that someone else from our ministry had shared the Gospel with him before.  Both of these teenagers trusted Christ.  I watched as their faces turned from being humored to being seriously convicted about their helpless state to being relieved about their eternal state.

We then moved on and witnessed to a man named Sunday and a lady.  It was clear after awhile that the lady was not interested, but Sunday grew increasingly interested in the Gospel story.  It took some time, but he finally grasped the Bible promise that Christ paid for all his sins and not just some of them.  The Spirit of God revealed to him that Christ left no sins for him to pay for.  Sunday also received Christ as his Savior!

Please pray for us as we follow up on these various people.  Most of them promised to come to church tomorrow.  Jesus said the fields were white unto harvest!

Grateful for You!

Phil and Christine

Please Pray

  • Ma’di Translation
  • Beginning of Bible College
  • Omoo Church
  • Patrick’s wife
  • Prayer meetings
  • New Converts