Matson Update-A Thanksgiving Update

Dear Praying Friends,

We have been hearing from friends who wonder how Jerry is doing, or assuming that all is well because I have not emailed for a long time. Although I have desperately been trying to get out a prayer letter, it is apparent that won’t happen until after Thanksgiving.  Therefore I will at least get out a short email.

The stitches in the incision on his upper left arm were removed on October 30.  Since that day there are two sites within the incision which continually bleed.  This has involved many trips to the doctor, constant wound dressing, and discouragement.  He has not been able to do any occupational therapy, but has had twice a week visits from the physical therapist along with exercises to do in between visits. He tires easily.  I have been stretched to my limits as a caregiver, it seems, but the LORD constantly provides the strength I need.

We will be observing a quiet Thanksgiving at home.  Our children are bringing food to us which is much appreciated.  We pray that each of you will be blessed richly by the remembrance of all the benefits of the Lord so wonderfully outlined in Psalm 103.

Your prayers are greatly treasured.

In the Grace of our Saviour,
Jerry and Janet Matson

October, 2017 Update from the Matson Family

Dear Praying Friends,

It has been a while since I reported on Jerry’s health, mainly because I
am just too tired when I get home for the evening.  We did learn today
that the discharge date is being set for this Thursday, and although I
was hoping for tomorrow, at least we have a “target date,” which were
Jerry’s words.  He can survive three more nights now!  I won’t pretend
this has been an easy trial, for it has stretched us both to the inth
degree, but always the Lord has sustained.  His medications have been
lowered and one taken away.  He is doing well in therapy – walking,
climbing steps and doing all the strengthening exercises.  He is eating
well.  But, oh how he wants to come home.  Our hardest time of each day
is when I have to leave him for the night. If nothing else has come of
all this, one thing is so evident, which is that the Lord has further
cemented our love for each other!  Yesterday I went through the timeline
with Jerry of all that has taken place.  He doesn’t remember much of it,
what with anesthesia and all the medical stress.  We cried together, and
were very mindful of the Lord’s mercies.

Again, I thank all of you who have prayed.

Gratefully in our Rock,


October, 2017 Matson Update-From ICU to Rehab!

Dear Praying Friends,

After spending 12 hours a day at the hospital for 10 days, I have been literally too tired to write updates, but just had to do so tonight. Jerry was discharged straight from Vascular ICU to Rehab today.  A bed opened up at Harbour’s Edge, the lovely facility where he was before. Everyone was glad to see him and said “The pastor is back!”  One woman said “Do you remember how you prayed for me every night before,” and another male NCP right away told him of his own physical trouble. It is nice to be loved! All the nurses and staff at the hospital were familiar to us also, and they were absolutely super caregivers.

Jerry has been through a lot.  One doctor told him it was just a bump in the road.  We think it more resembled a big pot hole!  He went into A Fib two more times since I last wrote, the second time not as severe as the first, but still scary, and he was pumped full of medication.  They planned to drain more fluid from his left chest cavity today, but a second doctor said “No, he has been through enough stress.”  The incision on the inside of his left bicep is 14 inches long, and on the top side of his biceps it is 7 inches long.  His whole left side is one huge dark purple bruise.  He looks like he has been beaten up!

The Lord is so good to us in so many ways, not the least is giving us many prayer partners.  I will try to keep you better informed.  Please pray he will be able to rest well now, and gain strength to come home. No aneurysm surgery is being considered until he fully recovers!

A grateful wife,

September, 2017 Update from the Matson Family

Dear Praying Friends,

Just got home from the hospital and am a happy tired tonight!  Jerry had his third surgery for the week tonight after spending a taxing day of bleeding all day.  Praise to our God, He enabled the doctor to find the source of the bleeding and fix it.  The dear Polish lady surgeon was quite frustrated last night, but so happy tonight.  I told her I was happier!!  This has been such a hard experience for Jerry these last two weeks.  Our children and grandchildren have been wonderful, especially making sure I had food to eat and emotional support and safety, but to be with Jerry most of all.  Maybe I will write more details later, but right now I just want to thank all of you who have prayed for us.  As you may know, Jerry doesn’t respond well to anesthesia, so he certainly needs continual prayer.  He still had some fluid in his lungs today, and has been on all kinds of blood components and antibiotics because of a fever.  He felt normal to the touch when I kissed him good night, however.  His overnight nurse is Russian, so that will be a blessing to him.

Before I give anymore evidence of my scrambled brain, I will say good night to each of you as well – in the love of Jesus.

Matson Update – Change of surgery date!

Well, we got another call.  It seems that the info was confused in the
doctor’s office, and the August 30 surgery date has been canceled.  The
synthetic aorta has not even been ordered yet, so it will be another 4-6
weeks before surgery.  This one thing I know – GOD NEVER CHANGES!  HE
knew this would happen all along!  I will inform you as soon as we have
a new date.  Many thanks to those who have already replied to us!

In our All-Knowing Lord,