December, 2017 Prettyman Update

Kennedy, Sharon, their two children, and three others of us crammed into the truck and headed out for the service this morning in Edobo.  Before we left, we claimed the verse in Psalm 81:10 “Open thy mouth W – I – D – E and I will fill it.” With all our heart, we sought to open the mouth of our faith and expectation wide, and trusted God to do the filling part.
I commented to Dickson on the way, “This truck is just filled with the joy of the Lord!”  It was true.  When we arrived, I was able to snap a few shots of Kennedy’s new property!  Thank you for giving so that this could be possible.  It’s a great little piece of property, and we are eager to help begin construction on his new house tomorrow.
We had a very good group for the service, and several who popped in and out to see what was going on.  At the conclusion of the message, Sunday (the tall one) took some of the new visitors to a separate place and began to explain the Gospel with them.  Meanwhile, I met with the nine who are desiring to follow the Lord in baptism.  It was a wonderful meeting with explanation of the meaning of baptism as well as a demonstration so that they will be prepared to “go under the water.”  Most Ugandans do not like to get wet at all!

Sunday returned with great news: a dear lady, Grace, had come to Christ as her Savior.  He relayed the story to us and it was clear that the work had been done!  The Lord was filling our open mouths!!!  She also made it clear that she wanted to follow the Lord and be baptized, bringing our number to 10.  Praise God!!!

My favorite part of the whole day came next.  I looked at a group of young men who had gathered around Kennedy, and noticed that he appeared to be instructing them.  He was very tender but passionate.  I asked Dickson, “What’s he telling them?”  Dickson said, “He’s encouraging them like a father not to give in to pressure; to stand firm; to follow the Lord in baptism.”  My heart just leaped!  The Lord was filling my mouth with honey from the Rock!!!  Here is the first leader among this fledgling group.  On the way home, I told him, “I will baptize this first group, but after that, it will be you.”  What a blessing!

I met in the morning with the team heading to Jiya and we prayed together.  There is a real battle going on there right now.  Our key figure, Philip, is out of town for work.  We are seeing that the women are purposefully not attending the service.  There were 7 men at the service this morning.  I’m planning to visit there this Tuesday as well as attend this coming Sunday there.  Please pray for this battle as we go forward.  The Anglican church has a great stronghold there.

Last, but not least at all, was the two special baptisms today at Victory in Christ Baptist.  You will remember Patrick’s wife, Foska.  Although she was baptized before, she confessed that she had not really trusted Christ then.  Now that she was a true believer, she also wanted to follow the Lord.  The other one that got baptized was our daughter Selah!  Wow, the Lord has been filling our mouths today!!!

My daughter Hannah was baptized in the river at Pine Bluffs, Wyoming (first church plant), and now my youngest daughter is the first to be baptized in Uganda!  The Lord is so good to us.

We are rejoicing with you over all that our Great Savior, Jesus Christ is doing in these days to glorify His name!  Thank you for all of your fervent prayers.  I hope you can see the direct, vital connection between your prayers and everything good that is happening here.  It’s true!  We love you and appreciate you more than we can say!

In the Name of the King!

Phil and Christine

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