June, 2017 Matson Update Another day in the VICU

Dear Praying Friends,

It is amazing what good news can do for a tired body!  I’m not nearly as tired tonight.  Finally saw the surgeon this evening!  Praise the Lord! He told me Jerry is doing remarkably!  He said “You were not in there (the surgery) but, well, I am not usually afraid during surgery, but I was then!”  I couldn’t help but think of all of you who prayed for Dr. Dexter, and I didn’t know until tonight how much he needed God’s wisdom. He did not relay any of this when he saw us right after surgery, but I could see how tired he looked.  So although Jerry has a long way to go in recovery, for what he went through, the word is “remarkable!”  My words are “The amazing grace of our Saviour!”

The physical therapist did not come again today, even though the nurse assured me this morning they would be there.  Dr. Dexter says he is not worried about that.  While in ICU the therapists don’t think the patients can do much anyway.  But Jerry did sit up in the chair for several hours again this afternoon, and that required him to stand and take some steps.  He is still quite full of fluid, but the kidneys are working.  They have scheduled an ultrasound on them tomorrow, so nothing to eat or drink after midnight.  That discouraged him, because he was just allowed fluids two nights ago. He is only eating very small amounts.

My Bible reading has just happened to be in Job during this time.  While I in no way can compare our situation to that of Job’s, it has been good for me to remember again how much that poor man went through.  I get very aggravated at his “friends” who are so cruel to him.  How very opposite are our friends in Christ!  You all have been so encouraging, comforting, wisely advising, and showing your love to us.  What a blessing you have been to me!  May you be blessed abundantly by our Lord for your kindness!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, Jerry is set to go to a step-down room, but none were available this day.  That means instead of each nurse having two patients, they will have four or five.  So we will have to be more patient!

Rejoicing in HIM,