June, 2017 Matson Update Jerry was moved to a new room

Dear Praying friends,

Yes, Jerry was moved to a step-down unit sometime this morning.  When I got there, I found him half out of the bed, with a friend of ours trying to help him back in!  I called the nurse and she fussed at Jerry, but he insisted that he can get in and out of bed!  Not so.  This move has caused him to be more disoriented, just when that was improving.  All three of our daughters and one granddaughter were up to visit him, and Jerry had us rolling in laughter at the off-the-wall things he was saying.  I will have so many stories to tell him about his remarks when he gets well.  Just an example was when I mentioned something about ICU and he said “You see me?”  (I hope everyone gets that!)  On a serious note, he did say that people need to readjust their prayers for him from the physical to the mental confusion he is having.  So although he laughs with us, he realizes  that his mind is playing tricks on him.

Not long after I got to the hospital, my cell phone was discovered to be lost!  Then soon after that, I realized Jerry’s eyeglasses were missing! This is a big loss to us.  He had these glasses made just a few months ago, with new frames also. They were expensive, but needed.  A search was made, but no glasses found.  Security contacted me and said I would have to make a formal complaint on Monday.  However, the cell phone was found on our car seat when I got into it tonight, and I heartily praised the Lord with the valet driver!

Jerry has bruises on his back which the nurses are quite concerned about.  He is on a blood thinner, so bruises easily.  But these look like they occurred perhaps when he was rolled over in bed.  The concern is probably fear of a lawsuit, which I am certainly not considering, but I would like recompense for the glasses that did not get moved with him to his new room.

The Lord is giving abundant grace for each day. Jerry will not be discharged before next week.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continual fellowship.

By His grace,