June, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda

Prettyman Prayer Report

Greetings in the Name above all Names!  We are praising God that we are feeling a whole lot more settled in, and God is graciously directing our focus to strategically engage the enemy in this area.  I hope this is a good time for you to join us in praying for two very important things.
The Village of Omoo

The very first village I ministered to when I came to Uganda over three years ago was a small village called Omoo.  We have seen God move on this work and have watched it grow.  I was deeply disappointed when I visited recently to find the work doing poorly.  The church building was looking ratty and unused; the people seemed purposeless; and I was told that they have not had a church service since March.  Isaiah and I will be visitingtomorrow morning to preach and encourage.  (For a short video on the village of Omoo, click on the video at the bottom of the page.)
When I saw my good friend Lambert, he explaimed, “My friend, my friend, I have been dreaming about you!”  That was encouraging!!!  When I last saw Lambert in January, he was just beginning to teach his own people the Gospel.  Sadly, he told me that he has not been faithful in continuing in that task.  Please pray down the works of the enemy in the realm of spiritual dullness and apathy.  We really need to see God move.  Those who work among us are watching these things and developing a perspective of just how real and lasting God’s work is.  “Fruit that remains” is the promise for the hour!

Pastor Morris and Gospel Power Baptist

This Sunday we will join Pastor Morris in Ejupala for a special service of thanksgiving.  This marks the first year anniversary of his church.  He has asked me to preach.  Noah will be working with me using chalk art as a way to draw people into the message.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to have freedom and do wonderful things!

Christine was so happy to see Pastor Morris’s wife Martha again.  They had a very good connection last time we were with them.  Please pray for wisdom that Christine will know how to be an encouragement to her.  Pastor Morris has set such a tremendous testimony of a godly ugandan father and husband.  Satan would love to destroy this influence.

Let me finish the newsletter with a few praises.  I asked you to pray for the Smith family.  All five of them, including their infant, contracted malaria at the same time.  We were blessed to watch God’s faithfulness to them during that time.  All of them are clear and healthy now.  Their son Benji caught it again (fifth time!), but he is doing well now.  Thank you for praying.

I spoke with the leader of the village in which we are located and asked him about the Sudanese refugee camp.  He assured me that they had taken a vote and decided against it.  I believe the Lord’s will has been done concerning this.

Last of all, I wanted to tell you about Sam Moss’s final service.  It was a packed house of over 150 and there were some very special testimonies of what God has done through this man’s faithfulness.  I believe it was a wonderful encouragement to Sam.

Please Pray

  • Ma’di Translation
  • Pastor Morris
  • Health & Safety
  • Village of Omoo
  • Risinger Support
  • God’s Power
Click on the picture for a video about Omoo ministry