November, 2017 Update from the Rojas Family

Rojas Family
Planting Baptist Churches in Costa Rica
Guillermo, Silvia, Josué and Susana

Heredia, Costa Rica, November 2017

Dear Co-laborers and Praying Friends,

“Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.”  Proverbs 16:3
How marvelous to know that when we place everything in God’s hands, he will confirm our thoughts through his word!
There is no greater privilege to be able to participate in God’s work by praying, giving, and going to those that are lost with the glorious gospel of salvation!  Thank you for your support and prayers for us here in Costa Rica.
In our efforts to reach the lost, we are going to begin having meetings in the homes of the brethren that they might invite their neighbors, work companions and friends to come and hear the gospel.  Usually, it is easier to come to a home rather than to a formal church service.  Our purpose is to preach to them, and for those that accept the Lord, give them follow-up courses, and of course bring them to church.  Please pray that God would work in the hearts of all those that will be invited.
Please help us pray for Diana Alvarez, who began recently attending our church.  Her mother, Sandra, is currently being hospitalized and is in intensive care for serious problems with diabetes and other ailments.  Diana had been praying for her father to come to know the Lord.  Through God’s grace he came to church last week.  Glory to God!

In the Burial de Piedades Sur we are praying that God would give us a complete family of believers in order to be able to start a work in their home.  We have many contacts and are praying that God would work in their hearts to where they would see their need of salvation.

On October 16, my mother Teresa suffered a cerebellar infarction (stroke). After being in the hospital for a week, the hospital released her to us to be cared for in mi sister`s house. The doctors said that she would be bedridden until she would finally succumbed. However, she has improved much physically in that she can feed herself, even though with difficulty, and she can walk a little when helped. But we know that the damage in her brain is permanent. Please pray that God will accomplish his holy will.
Right about that same time, we received notice that my mother-in low (Rosa) had suffered from a heart attack and was taken to the hospital. After many tests, the doctors determined that it was not a heart attack, but just an out-of-control spike in her blood pressure. She is now under new treatment for her hypertension and has recovered quite well.
We have been very busy, but trusting always in the Lord and in the power of his might. We can sense the power of your prayers on us.

Thank you for your love, prayers and financial support.
Your Servant:
Missionary Guillermo Rojas
GPA Costa Rica