June, 2017 Prettyman Uganda Update

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda

Prettyman Prayer Report

We want to give you a quick update and a praise.  Thank you for taking just a moment to rejoice in answered prayer.  Having your companionship in service means so much to our family.

Fred and Jared

About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with a young man (about 20) who works for us and burden him to be fishing for men.  I explained a Gospel chart to Fred, and encouraged him to pray about someone he could witness to.  He asked me to pray for his friend Jared.  We prayed for about two weeks, and today he brought Jared to me.  Fred had shared the Gospel using the simple chart, and now Jared desired to trust Christ!  It was thrilling to watch Fred lead his friend to Christ!  Please be in prayer for Jared’s discipleship.

Pastor Morris
We had a tremendous service with Pastor Morris and Gospel Power Baptist Church.  There were around 100 people who attended this special service of thanksgiving for all that God has done.  I sensed complete freedom and the power of the Holy Spirit as I preached.  There was no immediate fruit that we know of, but I am accepting that this work among these dear people will be one that requires patience and confidence in the Spirit to do His work.

Please Pray

    • Ma’di Translator’s baby is very sick
    • Jared’s growth
    • Health & Safety
    • Fruit from service with Morris
  • Risinger Support
  • God’s Power
Click on the picture to watch our last team trip to Uganda.

June, 2017 Matson Update Jerry was moved to a new room

Dear Praying friends,

Yes, Jerry was moved to a step-down unit sometime this morning.  When I got there, I found him half out of the bed, with a friend of ours trying to help him back in!  I called the nurse and she fussed at Jerry, but he insisted that he can get in and out of bed!  Not so.  This move has caused him to be more disoriented, just when that was improving.  All three of our daughters and one granddaughter were up to visit him, and Jerry had us rolling in laughter at the off-the-wall things he was saying.  I will have so many stories to tell him about his remarks when he gets well.  Just an example was when I mentioned something about ICU and he said “You see me?”  (I hope everyone gets that!)  On a serious note, he did say that people need to readjust their prayers for him from the physical to the mental confusion he is having.  So although he laughs with us, he realizes  that his mind is playing tricks on him.

Not long after I got to the hospital, my cell phone was discovered to be lost!  Then soon after that, I realized Jerry’s eyeglasses were missing! This is a big loss to us.  He had these glasses made just a few months ago, with new frames also. They were expensive, but needed.  A search was made, but no glasses found.  Security contacted me and said I would have to make a formal complaint on Monday.  However, the cell phone was found on our car seat when I got into it tonight, and I heartily praised the Lord with the valet driver!

Jerry has bruises on his back which the nurses are quite concerned about.  He is on a blood thinner, so bruises easily.  But these look like they occurred perhaps when he was rolled over in bed.  The concern is probably fear of a lawsuit, which I am certainly not considering, but I would like recompense for the glasses that did not get moved with him to his new room.

The Lord is giving abundant grace for each day. Jerry will not be discharged before next week.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continual fellowship.

By His grace,

June, 2017 Matson Update Another day in the VICU

Dear Praying Friends,

It is amazing what good news can do for a tired body!  I’m not nearly as tired tonight.  Finally saw the surgeon this evening!  Praise the Lord! He told me Jerry is doing remarkably!  He said “You were not in there (the surgery) but, well, I am not usually afraid during surgery, but I was then!”  I couldn’t help but think of all of you who prayed for Dr. Dexter, and I didn’t know until tonight how much he needed God’s wisdom. He did not relay any of this when he saw us right after surgery, but I could see how tired he looked.  So although Jerry has a long way to go in recovery, for what he went through, the word is “remarkable!”  My words are “The amazing grace of our Saviour!”

The physical therapist did not come again today, even though the nurse assured me this morning they would be there.  Dr. Dexter says he is not worried about that.  While in ICU the therapists don’t think the patients can do much anyway.  But Jerry did sit up in the chair for several hours again this afternoon, and that required him to stand and take some steps.  He is still quite full of fluid, but the kidneys are working.  They have scheduled an ultrasound on them tomorrow, so nothing to eat or drink after midnight.  That discouraged him, because he was just allowed fluids two nights ago. He is only eating very small amounts.

My Bible reading has just happened to be in Job during this time.  While I in no way can compare our situation to that of Job’s, it has been good for me to remember again how much that poor man went through.  I get very aggravated at his “friends” who are so cruel to him.  How very opposite are our friends in Christ!  You all have been so encouraging, comforting, wisely advising, and showing your love to us.  What a blessing you have been to me!  May you be blessed abundantly by our Lord for your kindness!!!

Oh, I almost forgot, Jerry is set to go to a step-down room, but none were available this day.  That means instead of each nurse having two patients, they will have four or five.  So we will have to be more patient!

Rejoicing in HIM,


June, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Serving Christ in the West Nile Region, Uganda

Prettyman Prayer Report

Greetings in the Name above all Names!  We are praising God that we are feeling a whole lot more settled in, and God is graciously directing our focus to strategically engage the enemy in this area.  I hope this is a good time for you to join us in praying for two very important things.
The Village of Omoo

The very first village I ministered to when I came to Uganda over three years ago was a small village called Omoo.  We have seen God move on this work and have watched it grow.  I was deeply disappointed when I visited recently to find the work doing poorly.  The church building was looking ratty and unused; the people seemed purposeless; and I was told that they have not had a church service since March.  Isaiah and I will be visitingtomorrow morning to preach and encourage.  (For a short video on the village of Omoo, click on the video at the bottom of the page.)
When I saw my good friend Lambert, he explaimed, “My friend, my friend, I have been dreaming about you!”  That was encouraging!!!  When I last saw Lambert in January, he was just beginning to teach his own people the Gospel.  Sadly, he told me that he has not been faithful in continuing in that task.  Please pray down the works of the enemy in the realm of spiritual dullness and apathy.  We really need to see God move.  Those who work among us are watching these things and developing a perspective of just how real and lasting God’s work is.  “Fruit that remains” is the promise for the hour!

Pastor Morris and Gospel Power Baptist

This Sunday we will join Pastor Morris in Ejupala for a special service of thanksgiving.  This marks the first year anniversary of his church.  He has asked me to preach.  Noah will be working with me using chalk art as a way to draw people into the message.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to have freedom and do wonderful things!

Christine was so happy to see Pastor Morris’s wife Martha again.  They had a very good connection last time we were with them.  Please pray for wisdom that Christine will know how to be an encouragement to her.  Pastor Morris has set such a tremendous testimony of a godly ugandan father and husband.  Satan would love to destroy this influence.

Let me finish the newsletter with a few praises.  I asked you to pray for the Smith family.  All five of them, including their infant, contracted malaria at the same time.  We were blessed to watch God’s faithfulness to them during that time.  All of them are clear and healthy now.  Their son Benji caught it again (fifth time!), but he is doing well now.  Thank you for praying.

I spoke with the leader of the village in which we are located and asked him about the Sudanese refugee camp.  He assured me that they had taken a vote and decided against it.  I believe the Lord’s will has been done concerning this.

Last of all, I wanted to tell you about Sam Moss’s final service.  It was a packed house of over 150 and there were some very special testimonies of what God has done through this man’s faithfulness.  I believe it was a wonderful encouragement to Sam.

Please Pray

  • Ma’di Translation
  • Pastor Morris
  • Health & Safety
  • Village of Omoo
  • Risinger Support
  • God’s Power
Click on the picture for a video about Omoo ministry