October, 2017 Update from the Prettyman Family

Praising King Jesus with You

The sweet Lord Jesus Christ has done so many wonderful things this week.  Praise God for being able to use weak vessels!  Instead of giving you the overall picture, I thought you might enjoy peaking into a few cameo stories, hopefully to help you feel you are here with us.

After preaching the Gospel in Walaba, we asked if any were willing to turn from dead religion and place their faith in Christ.  A man in his 20’s raised his hand boldly.  Although it was clear he had been drinking earlier that day, he seemed to be comprehending what I was saying.

I thought to myself, “I just heard the story about how Bosko trusted Christ when he was drunk.”  Some Christians were explaining the Gospel and paid no attention to Bosko because of his condition.  Later, Bosko made a public stand for Christ and has been preaching the Gospel ever since – over five years now!  He points back to that very time of hearing the Gospel as his salvation.  This was going through my mind as I considered whether or not I should take him seriously.  As a way to stall for time, I asked, “So, what is your name?”  He looked at me and said, “My name is Bosko.”  Imagine that!  I asked Noah to take him aside and deal privately with him.  When he came back, he stood before everyone, pointing to himself with a huge smile, “I am saved!  I have received everlasting life!”  Please pray for this man.  It would be wonderful to have two Boskos with the same story!

During our Saturday outreach with Albert in his shoe repair shop, we sensed the Lord working in a special way.  One of the questions we ask Ugandans to see if they understand eternal salvation is this: we explain the story of Samson and ask, “When he died, where did he go: heaven or hell?”  Most will answer, “He went to hell, because he died as a bitter man.”  We then try to explain that once the Lord saves someone, He saves them forever.  They don’t lose their salvation when they sin, although their lives can become a train wreck.

When we asked these children the question, they answered 100% with “He went to heaven, because he was saved.”  This was wonderful to us!  Patrick worked with them further and we could see that some of them were ready to trust Christ as their Savior.  I believe 7 trusted Christ to save them.  I asked them to stay around after the other children left so we could get their names.  They all stayed back and we had a good “first discipleship time” with them.  Each of them wrote their names in our notepad so that we can pray for them.  God is answering your prayers for light in this darkness!  Please keep praying.

I want to close by telling you that Patrick’s wife Fosca had a healthy baby boy (about 9 pounds).  From what he told me, it sounds like she had a C-section.  Both the baby and mom are doing well.  I will send you a picture later – you won’t believe how much hair this baby had at birth!  I was jealous!

Thank you for all your prayers and the kind support that you provide for us to continue in this ministry.  God is moving, faith is mounting, fear is melting!  On to victory in Jesus Name!

In the Name of the King!


Please Pray

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  • Bosko
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October, 2017 Matson Update-From ICU to Rehab!

Dear Praying Friends,

After spending 12 hours a day at the hospital for 10 days, I have been literally too tired to write updates, but just had to do so tonight. Jerry was discharged straight from Vascular ICU to Rehab today.  A bed opened up at Harbour’s Edge, the lovely facility where he was before. Everyone was glad to see him and said “The pastor is back!”  One woman said “Do you remember how you prayed for me every night before,” and another male NCP right away told him of his own physical trouble. It is nice to be loved! All the nurses and staff at the hospital were familiar to us also, and they were absolutely super caregivers.

Jerry has been through a lot.  One doctor told him it was just a bump in the road.  We think it more resembled a big pot hole!  He went into A Fib two more times since I last wrote, the second time not as severe as the first, but still scary, and he was pumped full of medication.  They planned to drain more fluid from his left chest cavity today, but a second doctor said “No, he has been through enough stress.”  The incision on the inside of his left bicep is 14 inches long, and on the top side of his biceps it is 7 inches long.  His whole left side is one huge dark purple bruise.  He looks like he has been beaten up!

The Lord is so good to us in so many ways, not the least is giving us many prayer partners.  I will try to keep you better informed.  Please pray he will be able to rest well now, and gain strength to come home. No aneurysm surgery is being considered until he fully recovers!

A grateful wife,