December,2017 Update from the Kenney Family

The Chile Training Center

Dear Friends,

This time of year they talk about the “Christmas spirit” or the “spirit of giving”. Now we know those aren’t theological terms, but rather descriptions of how this time of year can inspire us to be charitable, even compelling us to the overcrowded malls looking for gifts to give our family and friends.

Here is an opportunity to give that requires no venturing into traffic, no mad circling around parking lots!

It is almost time to make the second payment for the Chile Training Centerwhere men and women are currently being prepared for church ministry! Both Jenny and I teach each week in the Training Center along with a great team of other missionaries and national pastors. It is an incredible ministry!

This month as a Christmas gift to world missions would you consider the 250project? Please take a few minutes to click through to the donation button. Any size gift would be so graciously appreciated.

With heartfelt thanks,